SCG Crew Views: What is your favorite non-espresso prep?

While we have over 100 different espresso machines at our jittery little fingertips each day, our crew sometimes opts to brew a batch o' java using a different method. We asked Gail, Bunny, Allie, Brandi and Rade to share which non-espresso coffee preparations they dig the most, then filmed how they do it.

We shot this series over a few weeks and didn't realize until the slice-n-dice that one very common theme throughout is that all of us lack the precision some folks adore, but we're pretty sure you know that about us by now!

Watch as each of our trusty compatriots talk about why they like the prep they've chosen and make us a cup so we can taste their handiwork. This video is a true homage to shooting from the hip if there ever was one.

4 thoughts on “SCG Crew Views: What is your favorite non-espresso prep?”

  • Jorge Mario

    Hello Kat,

    I have a question, after 3 years I’m finally coming to an end on setting up my home coffee & tea special corner. I have a nespresso citiz c110, a blendtec blender, a cuisine art grind and brew (I know what your thinking jeje) and I have just receive my breville one touch tea maker that I reaaaaaally like. Based on this last item I want to retire the drip coffee maker and know that I can use the breville one touch for boiling water I’m thinking on buying the Breville smart grinder and the swoden softbrew to finally close the circle. Did you think is a good option? Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance and thanks for making such great videos!!!

    Kind Regards,


    • Kat

      Hi Jorge!

      Those would be excellent additions to your setup! The Softbrew is very versatile, enabling you to brew hot and cold, and you could also use it for tea if you wanted to (although with you Breville One Touch Tea Maker, I don't know that you would!). The Smart Grinder would also mean that if you want to upgrade from a capsule machine to a traditional espresso machine, you'd have a great grinder that would support that in the future.

      Let me know if you have any other questions -

  • Pepe

    Hi there,

    everytime I get turkish coffee at a bar, it's very sweet. Isn't it usual to boil the coffee with a dollop of sugar? I don't like my espresso with sugar, but I do make an exception for the turkish coffee.


    • Kat

      As Rade noted, there are many different ways to prepare it, depending on where it's being made. His preparation is of Serbian extract :)

      - Kat

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