Playing with Temperature on the Crossland CC1

Having programmable options on your espresso machine is only fun if you mess around with them, right? Right.

Watch Gail play with different temperature, pre-infusion and shot time settings on the Crossland CC1 to see how they affect a shot of Caffe Umbria's Gusto Crema coffee.


4 thoughts on “Playing with Temperature on the Crossland CC1”

  • Ted M

    Nice video! I think that with wait (dwell) time 0, it is similar to just a straight pull (otherwise subtract dwell time from total time for shot total).

    What offset (p9) setting are you using?

    What water have you found the best for the CC1? (I like about 50 TDS, near RO pure!)

    My favorite settings are also about 32 seconds, no waits, and p9=-7 and about 202 deg.

    Am using a Baratza Preciso grinder.

    • Kat

      The p9 is at the factory setting (we didn't mess with that at all).

      In general, we use water with 150ppm, the recommended balance for coffee.

      Thanks for sharing your best tested settings! :)

      - Kat

  • Bobby D

    Thanks for the video. It is amazing how a single degree can move you from a good shot to a great shot. I got my CC1dialed in by using a more scientific approach. I bought a scale that goes down to a hundredth of a gram and measured each dose. I combined this with the espro tamper for an exact 30lb tamp. By taking out some of the variables, dialing in the shot was easier.

    Can you do a compare/contrast video of the CC1 and the Silvia? They are in the same range as each other so understanding the pros and cons of each would be great.

    Thanks again.

    • Kat

      We do a compare/contrast of them in our Choose Your Own Adventure video, but I'll put a more detailed one together (we're also working on a comparison chart for our new site).

      Thanks for the suggestion!
      - Kat

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