Compare: Nespresso Capsule Espresso Machines

For ease of use, cleanliness and convenience, Nespresso's patented capsule espresso machines are a hard act to follow. Sure, they're never going to give you the God shot, but if you're considering one, that's probably not that important to you. What they will do is give you consistently good espresso and offer you a variety of blends to choose from.

While they have several different styles of machines, one thing remains the same: The brewing functionality. Other than that, each model has different features you can choose from. Watch as Gail guides us through their currently available suite of machines and talks to us about how they compare.

3 thoughts on “Compare: Nespresso Capsule Espresso Machines”

  • Geoff S

    Nice overview. I've had a Nespresso D120 for years, one of the original manual models that used a little portafilter. On the bottom it was marked "For Home or Commercial Use." So, I think it was built to last, and has just not quit. Guests have commented that the "Lungo" Nespresso capsules are head-and-shoulders above Keurig in taste and strength. As well, the shorter espresso shots are quiet enjoyable on their own. The Aeroccino makes decent foam for a traditional short cappuccino, though not quite fine enough for latte art... with whole milk, it is especially enjoyable if you promptly pour the foam into the shot immediately after the Aeroccino shuts off (or if your shot isn't ready, press and hold the Aeroccino button so it keeps stirring in Cold-mode while you finish making the shots). Whole milk? Yes... consider that you're only having about 2 oz of milk in a short cappuccino. It's a worthwhile luxury.

    I'd say the Nespresso shots are consistently above average, which is really amazing. They are generally better shots than what Super-automatics produce in most homes. However, I can make excellent shots on my Wega Mininova, but that requires using a real grinder, fresh roasted beans, and careful technique. I always recommend Nespresso to friends and family.

    • Kat

      Definitely, for ease of use and consistency, the Nespresso is an awesome choice. We're going to do a convenience / shot comparison video re: capsules vs. superautos vs. semi's using pods, so for folks that don't want the muss/fuss of traditional espresso extraction, they'll be able to see these easier to use methods side by side.

      - Kat

  • james

    Great product, very difficult to obtain capsules, have used the machine for almost three years with no or very few issues with coffee delivery except a few minor crushed pods that were replaced promptly by Nespresso. My complaint is not the service as it has always been outstanding. In my opinion the web site has far too many issues, to the point today I give up and am looking for a similar product where I can just go to the store and buy coffee without having to order each time. Nice product, just too hard to get it promptly.

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