Compare: Grinder Sound Meter Readings

When discussing the sound differential between rotary and vibratory pumps, we're often asked which one is more quiet; our answer is invariably: Does it matter? Your coffee grinder's the loudest thing in the room!

But how loud is it? We devised a practical test to basically show the difference between the grinders, decibel-wise. What did we learn? The tone's the thing! While the decibel levels are actually quite similar, there were models that 'sounded' louder than others, simply because of a difference in tone. So the moral is ... they're all loud. :)

Watch Gail's test in action!

4 thoughts on “Compare: Grinder Sound Meter Readings”

  • j

    You might retry a few of these with the phone on a seperate table set infront of the grinder so you can isolate it from the vibration of the grinder.

  • Bill Schafer

    Putting it on a separate table may help to reduce the effect of vibrations, but a more accurate test would be to create a sort of mini-anachoic chamber with some dimple style foam. The dark gray dimple foam available from a foam shop cut to form a box at least 1 foot larger than your largest machine including the base ( a six sided cube) You will likely need to repeat the test on each unit several time trying different locations for each test.

    This is not "easy" to set up but can be accurate. You need to cut down on interferences from reflections and other outside influences. your phone may not have the sensitivity required for accurate results, but hey, the foam will only cost you about $10 and the foam man will even cut it for you.

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