Compare: Breville YouBrew (Glass) vs. Technivorm

When Breville's YouBrew was first released, we weren't in love with the grinding functionality. Of course, we're crazy when it comes to high concentrations of coffee particles suspended in our water, so a ton of people loved its grind and brew functionality without issue. With the recent release of their glass carafe version, Breville has tweaked the grinder and improved the consistency and dosage functionality to produce a stronger cup. So, of course, we had to put it to the taste test!

In this video, we brew up batches of java on the Technivorm and on the YouBrew, then ask our trusty crewmates to taste them and give us their opinion on which they prefer. Find out which coffee maker -- if any -- prevailed!

2 thoughts on “Compare: Breville YouBrew (Glass) vs. Technivorm”

  • Bob bailey

    What kind of filter in the Breville? The technivorm looked to be paper. Since the filter type drastically affects the taste, should you be testing with the same kind of filter? Since you folks have been using the technivorm for so long, we can assume you have its coffee/water/grind ratios pretty well optimized. This speaks well for the breville since we would assume you spent less time "tuning" the brew.

    Otherwise, thanks for doing the comparo!!! Keep up the good work.


    • Kat

      These were using the stock / manufacturer recommended setup, so paper on the Technivorm and metal on the YouBrew. We figured we'd represent the flavor as customers would experience it given the recommendations from the manufacturer themselves.

      We've also been unable to find a great paper filter for the YouBrew that doesn't risk the paper falling/folding down during the automatic grinding. But we're still searching! :)

      Thanks for your feedback!

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