Crew Reviews: Francis Francis X7.1 & Y1.1 iperespresso Machines

illy iperespressoIs convenience king in your world? We know that sometimes the day doesn't have nearly enough time in it, but we still want a delicious latte! So take back a few minutes by using illy's super-easy and super-tasty espresso machines which utilize their iperespresso capsule system.

The  the X7.1 (AKA 'The Alien') looks like several Francis Francis machines of yore, incorporating a traditional steam functionality into the mix for latte or cappuccino lovers. On the other hand, the Y1.1 is a sleek, espresso-only machine designed especially for ristrettos, shots, lungos and beyond!

Watch Gail take us through two Crew Reviews of these machines, discussing their features and functionality and then demonstrating making a drink.

Francis Francis X7.1

Francis Francis Y1.1

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