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  • Crew Review: Rocket Espresso R58 V2

    Rocket Espresso R58 Dual Boiler Espresso MachineAs any good product developer knows, the key to keeping things real for their customers is to iterate, iterate, iterate! In Rocket's newest version of their popular R58 dual boiler espresso machine, they've made a few adjustments to improve both the form and function of the machine.

    Form-wise, they've strengthened the chassis, added nylon rails to improve the fit of the drip tray and implemented a magnetic drip tray closure. Function-wise, they've installed a new control board to optimize steaming and brewing and updated the firmware on the external PID.

    Watch as Gail takes us through all the features and specs of the V2 R58, then makes a delicious cappuccino in a gorgeous Lino cup!

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