SCG | Bellevue Store Opens on September 3rd!

SCG Bellevue Store MapThe first step in our bid to take over the world? Build a second store, of course!

During her summer vacation, Gail decided to build an entire retail store from scratch -- laying the floors, painting the walls, crafting machine demonstration shelves and creating an amazing event bar for us to hold coffee tastings and fun workshops. If you've ever wanted to learn how to build a store from the ground up, here's the how-to video for you!

Now that you've seen the journey, we'd love it if you came in for a visit at our new location to see how it all turned out!

Store Info

Where: 10692 NE 8th St, Bellevue WA 98004
When: Open for Business - Tuesday, September 3rd, @ 10am | Grand Opening Event - Saturday, September 14th, 10am - 8pm

14 thoughts on “SCG | Bellevue Store Opens on September 3rd!”

  • Laura Borhauer

    Gail, You are awesome. I can't wait to see your new store. Hey, how about opening a store in Spokane so I don't have to drive across the state to visit you. We'd love to have a store on this side of the mountains. We drink lots of coffee over here.

  • Renee

    Congratulations,Gail, and SCG team!

  • James Bronk

    Sure would be nice to have your first "frontier" store down here in wine country, Napa Valley. Sometime we need a cameo of Kat in her videos for those of us who do not live in the Pacific Northwest!

  • Tom

    Wish I was local. That is very impressive. Nice work, Gail!

  • John

    Gail, I must say that you are a golden nugget and that this team is very lucky to have you. Not easy to find such talented people nowadays. Of course, when one is interested in the product and the whole idea, it is also amazing what we all can do. Many of us are simply working in the wrong field, but we all have amazing talents when we combine it with the right environment.

    Good luck to your new store! I wish I can visit, but I am now living in Munich, Germany. I am still enjoying my espresso machine and have learned a lot with espresso making and can now make a serious espresso for myself. However, going to Italy is still magical for espresso drinking.


  • DIANE CROWLEY are my absolute hero! Not only do you take half and half in your coffee (as do I...) but your woodworking skills are off the charts! My hat is off to you, my dear! As a former painting contractor, I know how un-nerving it can be at times to be doing what most people consider a "man's" job in a male-dominated profession...for me, it made me even more determined to be the best at what I did. Yea, better than any guy, that's for sure! Just proves, one more time...that if you want something done right, get a woman to do it! Gee, I sound like an uber-feminist...which I'm not...I love men...well, ok, that may be a little strong...but I do admit they have their place. They are pretty good at killing spiders :) Seriously...your creation is fabulous, and you are the gem in the trinket box of SCG. My best to you, and keep up the fantastic work!

  • Laura H

    Brains, brawn and beauty! You did it again. Would love to see your new place in person but alas, 3500 miles is a bit too far. Celebrating your acomplishment with you in spirit and sending best wishes for your everlasting success. Cheers to you all!

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