Mazzer Timer SwitchMaybe it's because we're geeks or maybe it's because science says so (wait, aren't those the same thing?!), but we think it's a great idea to learn a new thing every day. It keeps us interested in this madcap world of coffee and it also keeps our brain in fighting shape! So you can imagine our zeal when we recently learned a couple of new things in one day: First, that if you live in an area with more lightning and thunderstorms, you run a higher risk of burning out the timer switch on  your Mazzer coffee grinder; and second, how easy it is to replace said switch yourself -- without paying a tech to come out to your business to do so.

If you happen to live somewhere that is affected by electrical fluctuations, knowing how to replace the switch on your Mazzer will be an important skill. Watch as Brandon guides us through this very simple process -- and while he uses a Super Jolly for the demonstration, this applies to all US Mazzer models that feature a timer switch.

SCG Tech Tip: How to Replace the Timer Switch on Mazzer Grinders