Saeco Exprelia EvoWe know that some folks prefer the convenience of a one-touch cappuccino, while others appreciate the ability to craft latte art with their finally textured milk. When Saeco introduced the Xelsis and Exprelia machines a couple of years ago, they'd formed a bond between these two approaches to making coffee at home by offering both an auto froth function and a separate, traditional (read: No panarello!) steam wand. But the auto froth continued to suffer from the same condition as all of its predecessors: The milk just wasn't hot enough. So whether or not you wanted the convenience of a one-touch, if you liked your cappuccino on the hotter side, you had to use the steam wand anyway. With the Exprelia Evo, however, Saeco has finally resolved this long standing issue.

In addition to improving upon the automatic milk frothing functionality, the Exprelia Evo also features a change in the button design ... but, otherwise, it's fairly similar to the original Exprelia. Watch as Gail takes us through its features and functionality, then demonstrates how well it produces a cappuccino at the touch of a button.

If you've always dismissed machines that offered one-touch cappuccinos because of a low temperature issue, the Exprelia Evo may be the model that changes your mind. Check it out!

Crew Review: Saeco Exprelia Evo Superautomatic Espresso Machine