AeroPressIf you were to survey the crew at SCG about their favorite coffee prep, you'd learn that the AeroPress is the hands-down winner. We love how simple and easy it is to use, plus it's compact, transportable and produces a delicious cup of coffee.

Over the years, we've featured it in a variety of videos, but hadn't actually refreshed our original crew review of it, even though it was updated a bit in the interim by Aerobie. So we asked its biggest fan, Bunny!!!, to give us the rundown -- how it works, what it comes with, etc. -- in this updated review. Watch her show off its components and accessories, then prepare coffee using two different methods: That described by Aerobie and the very popular inverted technique.

Whether you're camping, hiking, out on the road or just hanging out at home, the AeroPress is an excellent choice in coffee accoutrement. Pair it with the Hario Mini Mill and you've got an awesome java prep no matter where the day takes you.

Crew Review: AeroPress - Redux!