Tech Tip: Saeco Minuto Test Mode

Saeco Minuto - Test ModeWhile the Saeco Minuto offers some unique functionality compared to Saeco's other superautomatic espresso machines -- such as brewing coffee at a lower pressure to produce a more drip coffee like flavor -- it still offers a Test Mode to help diagnose and resolve issues with the machine.

Knowing how to get into Test Mode is important, as it can assist you in determining what a particular error might be and how you can fix it. Since you can run each functional component separately, you can test things like whether or not the pump is working or if the grinder is grinding but not dosing. You can also learn helpful info like how quickly your grinder is rotating, how many drinks you've made and more.

In this video, Brendan guides us through Test Mode on the Saeco Minuto -- how to get into it, navigate through it and interpret what its telling you. Once again, indispensable knowledge for Minuto owners everywhere!

SCG Tech Tips: Saeco Minuto Test Mode

4 thoughts on “Tech Tip: Saeco Minuto Test Mode”

  • Mihaly Henk


    How can I find out, that how many drinks I’ve made with my Saeco Minuto?

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,


    • Brenna

      Hi Mihaly,

      Thanks for asking! We researched this a bit and found out from Philips Tech Support that there isn't a feature built into the software of the Minuto that allows you to find out/track how many drinks you've made. This functionality is built into a few of the higher end Saeco/Philips machines, but just not this one.


  • Flavia

    I have a saeco minuto superautomatic and i started the descaling and it get blocked at the rinsing cycle and don't want to get back to main menu or do something .... HELP PLEASE !!!

    • Kaylie

      Essentially, when you’re in the descaling cycle, you just need to allow the machine to finish rinsing. This can take anywhere from 2 tanks with fresh water to 12, it just depends on what the machine needs. Once you’ve run at least 2 tanks through, you can try to trick the machine to make it a bit faster, by allowing the machine to start pulling a steady stream through the machine, then pull out the water tank so it requests for you to put in a full water tank, then repeat until it clears through the descaling mode. If you turn off the machine at any point before it has gone all the way through the descaling cycle, essentially the machine will want to start over from the beginning, so keep the machine on, and you can use that tip to trick the machine by pulling out the water tank as it starts to pull water through the machine.

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