How to Descale the Crossland CC1

Crossland CC1It’s hard not to love the Crossland CC1. This compact machine is easy to use, makes consistently good shots and has a large water reservoir. However, just like every other espresso machine, the Crossland CC1 needs a little TLC every once in a while to keep it in good running order. One of the best places to start is with descaling, which will help keep mineral deposits from clogging up your machine.

What makes descaling the CC1 a little different than other machines is that it is really simple! The machine has a thermoblock that runs the steam wand, and on the brew side it has a boiler. This setup allows us to have water (instead of steam) come out of the steam wand, so the descaling solution will go through the boiler, through the thermoblock and out through the steam wand, ensuring that all parts of the machine get cleaned out.

To clean the Crossland CC1, we used our favorite descaler, Dezcal, which is a citric acid based product, mixed with 32 oz. of warm water. This mix is non-toxic, so while any leftovers in your machine might make your espresso taste funny, it won’t harm you. However, don’t be alarmed if you are using this solution to descale your espresso machine and the water comes out greenish-blue. It is normal for the water to come out this color if you have a lot of minerals built up in your machine, which the Dezcal is helping remove. If the water comes out fairly clear, it means your water is mostly mineral free. For more details on how to descale your CC1 and pick up a few extra tips, follow along as Gail completes the process in just one hour.

SCG How-to Guides: Descaling the Crossland CC1

2 thoughts on “How to Descale the Crossland CC1”

  • Rick

    The general descaling instructions on another SCG page mention alternating flushing water through the steam wand and brew head. But your CC1 descaling video only shows the descaling solution being flushed through the steam wand. Do CC1 owners need to be concerned about scale building up in the plumbing between the boiler and group head? How often do you recommend descaling?

    Thanks for the helpful videos!!

    • Felicia Kloewer
      Felicia Kloewer April 11, 2016 at 2:53 am

      Hi, Rick!

      It's a good idea to run some descaling material through the brew head. The reason that we show it through the steam wand is because that is the longest pathway for the descaling material to go through and will break down any scale buildup in the Thermoblock at the same time that the boiler is being descaled. There is a much shorter pathway from the boiler to the brew head (literally on top of each other) and the scale buildup will never be as severe as through the steam wand. We suggest running some descaling solution, about 2-3 oz., through the brew head for a couple of cycles. It's also advisable to remove the brew head screen when going through that process so that any bits of scale can flush through and not get caught on the brew head screen. Don't forget to flush with lots of clean water after pulling descale solution through the brew head, so you don't get descale in your next cup.

      Thanks for your question! Let us know how that works out!


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