Frieling Milk FrotherTurn ordinary milk into extraordinary milk with the Frieling milk frother! If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make creamy, foamy milk, this manual frother may be the device for you. To froth your milk, all you have to do is pour about half an inch of milk into the carafe, place the lid on top and then pump the handle up and down about 20 times. Made out of stainless steel, with a swanky mirrored finish, this little guy will not only froth your milk but also add some serious class to your beverage set.

We wanted to see this little beauty in action, so Bunny put it to the test and frothed up both warm and cold cow’s milk, as well as warm and cold vanilla soy milk. Check out the video for her assessment and to learn what drinks you can use the frother to make.


SCG Crew Review: Frieling Milk Frother