When it comes to latte art, we know there often can be a steep learning curve. Heck, just getting your milk to the right consistency to make the perfect latte can be challenging enough. Not only to do you have to figure out when to plunge the steam wand into your milk, but you also have to simultaneously work the milk to produce smooth and velvety microfoam. On top of that, you then to hold your wrist at a certain angle and pour your milk at just the right speed to create your design. Whew! It makes those of us who haven’t yet mastered this technique tired just thinking about it.

If you too haven’t quite refined your latte art making skills, never fear! The aerolatte Cappuccino Art Stencils are the answer to your problem. These six stencils come in an array of patterns, including a cute winky face and a pretty spiral, and allow you to create art of your own without having to worry about perfecting your pour. There’s nothing wrong with faking it until you make it, right? Besides, these whimsical designs are sure to stop any naysayers in their tracks. After all, you are still creating art.

Best of all, these stencils are incredibly easy to use. Just place them on top of your latte or cappuccino, use a shaker, such as the RSVP Endurance Fine Mesh Shaker, to sprinkle on anything from chocolate powder to cinnamon on top of your drink. We like using red velvet cake mix to top our lattes since it adds a pop of color to the drink. After you have topped the drink with powder, remove the stencil and you’re good to go! You’ve just created a latte that is sure to impress your guests at your next dinner party as well as entertain any kids in your home. To see the aerolatte Cappuccino Art Stencils in action, watch as Miranda uses them to decorate her drinks.

Quick Review: aerolatte Cappuccino Art Stencils & RSVP Shaker