Comparison: R58 vs. Oracle

Because two boilers are better than one, that's why! Yes we are talking about the double boiler machines, and specifically we are going to take a closer look at the Rocket R58 and the Breville Oracle.

So ring the bell referee, it's the R58 vs. Oracle.

While these two machines have a few things in common they truly are very different, each one catering to a different type of  home barista.

The Breville Oracle sits in class almost to it's own; somewhere R58 vs. Oraclebetween a super-automatic and a semi-automatic.  It has a grinder and a tamper built right into the machine. The internal clock allows you to have the machine auto start in the morning, which can make waking up that much easier! The auto frothing steam wand allows for easy cappuccino creation. The Breville Oracle has many menu features allowing you to tinker until you get the perfect drink. However, automation always comes at a cost. Even with all the menu features, measuring exact amounts of coffee grounds, for example, is not possible.

The Rocket R58 sits up at the top of it's semi-automatic class. It R58 vs. Oraclefeatures a dual PID temperature control system, allowing you to program both the steam and brew boiler temperatures. The commercial grade rotary pump is quieter than most and allows for pump pressure adjustments and monitoring. The R58 is also plumbable, which means you can say goodbye to refilling the water tank by directly connecting this machine to your water supply. Of course, you can't talk about any Rocket machine without mentioning its beautiful design. A lot of care is put into each of these handcrafted machines, you can be sure it will look great on your countertop.

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2 thoughts on “Comparison: R58 vs. Oracle”

  • Tom

    I'm confused why Gail compared the Breville Oracle to the Rocket R58 -- wouldn't the true comparison be the Breville double boiler (which I own). I can't believe the internal tamp will do as well as someone would do manually. And I can't believe the grind will be as precise as with my Rocky grinder. Feature to feature you are comparing an auto to a semi auto. Seems odd.

    • Brendan

      This was a user requested comparison, and we like to compare what we can! We just finished an R58 vs. Breville Double boiler comparison. Be sure to keep an eye out on our YouTube channel for that video later this week! The Oracle really sits in an interesting space, not quite a superautomatic not quite a semiautomatic. We like to refer to the Oracle as a hybrid machine! Glad you are happy with your set up though, that's what counts for you!

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