Chemex. What a great name. Say it with me, Chemex. It rolls off the tongue so well. We love our Chemex. A great design, simple look, and most importantly, an excellent cup of coffee.

chemexThe Chemex brand has been around for awhile, only to have become more popular in the past few years as the pour over method of preparing coffee has taken off.  But did you know that Chemex has multiple products in their line up? If you ever thought to yourself, "I will never make 10 cups of pourover coffee" you are in for a treat!

Gail took an in depth look at the entire line up. Starting with the classic 10-Cup Coffeemaker, the product you think of when you hear Chemex, all the way down to the cream and sugar set. Gail talks about which filter is the filter you need as well as looking at the differences between Classic series and the Glass Handle series.

So whether you need a 10-, 8-, 6-, or 3-Cup coffee maker, Chemex has something for you. Watch the video below before heading over to our YouTube Channel for more!