Cold Brew Temperature Test

Cold BrewAs you know, we get tons of questions and requests. And we try to answer as many as we can! Some may call it science, but we just think of it as an excuse to drink more coffee!

Since summer is right around the corner we started getting a lot of requests around cold brew coffee! This question in particular was interesting to us. The viewer asked us if there is a difference in flavor if you steep your cold brew out at room temperature vs. steeping the cold brew in the refrigerator.  Well, there is really only one way to find out!

We used the Primula for this experiment. Using the same dosage for both, we steeped one bottle at room temperature for 16 hours and we steeped the other bottle in the refrigerator for 16 hours.

Watch as Gail gives these two a taste test and compares the methods!


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  • bruce Rogers

    Tag you're it. I was surfing the many coffee sites and decided to try yours. I stopped in at Starbucks the other day and picked up an iced coffee and man was it good. No bitter taste and the flavor was just right. I knew I liked cold coffee that is why I decided to try one of Starbucks to see what the difference was. My coffee had a little bit of a bite to it which I don't mind. I decided to brew my coffee on the countertop overnight for 12 hours. Knowing it will be a strong coffee I'm going to pour out half a cup of coffee and put a few ice cubes in and wait till they melt and see how the how the strength of the coffee is. Starbucks Coffee tasted very mellow but not under flavored or bitter. I wanted to be like Dad when I grew up so I started drinking my coffee black also. My idea about drinking coffee is if you want to drink coffee, drink coffee. My, that sounds like a simple solution without making anything complicated. I can't drink coffee fixed anyway that you can come up with but in the end I still want to sit down to drink just a plain cup of coffee. French press coffee must not be very popular around where I'm living because I could not find any filters so I had to engineer one out of a smaller coffee filter. I have read on the internet that using a paper filter on a French press will filter out oil from The Coffee Bean and something else that supposed to raise your blood pressure and cholesterol. I just wonder if there is any truth to that. The first time I used a French press was kind of a disaster but I drank the coffee anyway. I supposedly made a enough for four cups of coffee but letting it steep for 12 hours I'm trying to see how many cups of coffee I can squeeze out of supposedly 4 cups of coffee might end up with seven cups Maybe. Sure would hate to waste that coffee. I wasn't sure about Brewing the coffee on the counter top until I read your website it was very informative.

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