Supersonic Coffee Rebranded To AKA Coffee

Supersonic Coffee, one of the roasters carried by Seattle Coffee Gear, released a statement this week that they'll be changing their name due to a trademark infringement.

Goodbye, Supersonic Coffee. Hello, AKA Coffee!

Starting October 24, 2016, Seattle Coffee Gear will be ordering Supersonic Coffee under the new name, AKA Coffee. It’s the same great coffee, with a new face!

In the statement, John Laird, the Managing Director of AKA Coffee, said; “We are excited to explore the new opportunities that AKA Coffee represents. The AKA name is playful, personal, and embraces the moments when we enjoy a cup of coffee, whether it is a quick break or a meditative pause. Call it what you will, to us, it is AKA Coffee.”

The trademark claim came from Sonic, the hamburger chain, and lead the roaster to change its name to avoid further legal issues. Sonic claimed there could be potential confusion between the chain and specialty coffee roaster. The roaster recognized the financial impact of disputing a $4+ billion company and instead used the opportunity to rebrand.

It’s difficult for us to see small companies, especially a specialty coffee roaster we love, undergo involuntary changes. That said, Seattle Coffee Gear is excited to welcome AKA Coffee and continue forward with them on their new journey.

For more information, read Supersonic Coffee's statement here.

Follow AKA Coffee on Twitter and Instagram @enjoy_aka

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