Top Staff Picks

- Breville Oracle Espresso Machine
- Rancilio Silvia M
Miele CM 6310 Coffee System
Eureka Mignon Burr Grinder

How We Pick Our Picks

Everyone has a favorite machine! We asked the Crew to share their favorite machines from espresso machines to grinders, so we can share them with you. And these staff picks are ones that we would recommend to our friends and family to curb their coffee cravings! Each Crew member picks their top three machines in each category and then we select the machines with the most votes to add to our final list. Once that’s squared away, we add a Staff Pick badge to the machine and let you choose your favorites!

It's about time that you meet the Crew and hear what they have to say about their favorite machines!

Breville Oracle

Recommended by Michele in Customer Service

Tell us a bit about yourself!
I’m probably the most laid back, easy going person you’ll meet.

What are your favorite features on the Oracle?
I love that the Oracle does most of the work for me. It grinds, tamps, all I need to do is dial in the grinder and brew!

What’s your favorite coffee to brew with the Oracle?
I’m a HUGE Velton’s fan. Also love Bluebeard’s The Narrows roast.

Between the Oracle and the Rancilio Silvia, why would you take one home over the other?
I like the look of the Oracle more than the Silvia and enjoy how much the Oracle does the work for me.

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
Flamingo Pink

Rancilio Silvia M

Recommended by Sue in the Lynnwood Store

Tell us a bit about yourself!
I’ve been drinking coffee for some decades. I started with cans of Vienna Cafe and over time I’ve weaned myself down to black.

What are your favorite features on the Silvia?
I like that it puts function before form. It’s still great looking though and it boasts endurance!

What’s your favorite coffee to brew with the Silvia?
I sing the praises of Sermon by Verve.

Between the Silvia and Breville Barista Express, why would you take one home over the other?
I would take home the Silvia over the Barista Express, even though I would have to purchase a grinder in addition. I like Rancilio’s background in the world of commercial espresso machines. I admire the Silvia’s reliability.

Where did you first over-caffeinate yourself?


Recommended by Miranda in Order Management

What are your favorite features on the Chemex?
You can customize it to the extreme! Want to brew a cup or two? Can do! Or for a larger amount besides just for yourself? Sure! Since it’s such a clean cup, you can also perfect that cup...dose, timing (grind size), pour technique, to affect your notes and results!

What’s your favorite coffee to brew with the Chemex?
Hologram is tasty, but I also love Black Cat and Cuatro.

What are your must-haves to complete your setup?
Scale to measure, otherwise I always make it too h2 or too watery.
Gooseneck kettle, so that I don’t create a Grand Canyon on the grounds.
Simple grinder, to be able to play with the grind consistency depending on the beans I’m using!

Miele CM 6310 Coffee System

Recommended by Josh in Marketing

Tell us a bit about yourself!
I'm SCG's resident product guru and reluctant video host! I dig interesting features, creative workarounds, and will research just about anything.

What are your favorite features on the Miele?
I always say that anything you use daily should feel good, not just look good or work well.  My favorite feature on the Miele is its fit and finish! There are no mixed design elements, the machine is clean and brews well and feels rock solid.  Even external features like the carafe and spouts are a matching steel, and the siphon even has a little slot to plug into the drip tray for cleaning. Respect the little things.

What’s your favorite coffee to brew with the Miele?
Verve 1950s. Very easy to dial in with a superautomatic and has a sweet caramel note.

What new things would you like to see in coffee?
Plumbable, PID-controlled hot water fonts with a flow restrictor. Why? On-demand Chemex pour overs! Install the font in your kitchen counter and you'll have hot water for coffee or tea without losing any precious counter space. Pre-weigh and store your beans in test tubes alongside a grinder set for single dosing = perfection.

Eureka Mignon Burr Grinder

Recommended by Vera in the Lynnwood Store

Tell us a bit about yourself!
An avid reader of thrillers and mysteries; what’s better with a cup of coffee?

What are your favorite features on the Mignon?
- Compact size
- Beautiful polished chrome finish or the sleek black matte finish
- Consistent grind especially for espresso brew

Between the Mignon and Breville Smart Grinder, why would you take one home over the other?
I already have the Smart Grinder at home! I would consider the Mignon an upgrade for espresso prep.