The Round Up

French press. It’s the go-to coffee maker that anyone can use. It’s easy to learn how to brew with and makes a deliciously full-bodied cup. What’s not to love? To narrow down your choices, we rounded up the top three French press coffee makers: Bodum Brazil French Press 3 Cup, Espro Press P5 and Frieling Insulated Coffee Maker French Press.

What is French press? French press coffee makers use immersion brewing, a process that steeps grounds in hot water for a certain amount of time. When it's done brewing, press the plunger into the grounds and voila! Check out our picks and share with us your favorite French press.

Bodum Brazil French Press 3 Cup

Newcomers learning how to brew with a French press will love the Bodum Brazil French Press 3 Cup. It's a great entry-level brewer that makes the robust cup of joe you crave without breaking the bank.

Speaking of breaking, the Bodum is made from shatterproof, thermal resistant glass—newcomers can brew at ease knowing their boiling water will stay in the glass! The plunger is made with a double-layer metal mesh to filter out grounds but allows oils and flavor to pass through. Out of our picks, the Bodum leaves the most coffee fines in our cup.

Espro Press P5 - 18 Oz

The Espro Press P5 pulls out all the stops to make delicious French press. Their double filter design is made with two mesh baskets and a silicone seal to keep grounds out—brewing up one deliciously clean up! Seriously, Espro's filter design really seals the deal as our go-to brewer with the Crew—get it?

Made with 40% thicker borosilicate glass, the P5 has better heat retention and not to mention better protection against wayward hands. The P5 also features a locking mechanism on the gasket to keep the lid secured to the glass carafe. It’s not likely that you’ll encounter a lot of spillage with the Espro Press P5!

Frieling Insulated Coffee Maker French Press - Brushed Stainless Steel

If you’re looking for your forever French press, you’re looking for the Frieling Insulated Coffee Maker French Press. It's double wall insulation is made from 18/10 stainless steel to keep your coffee toasty warm for up to four hour longer than regular glass models! The Frieling’s all-steel mesh filter has three layers to reduce the coffee fines in your cup.

It’s also not hard to see why we picked the Frieling—hint, it has to do with the looks! We picked the Brushed Stainless Steel version because we loved that it reduced the visibility of our fingerprints.


If you’re ready for your next french press coffee maker, check out the Bodum Brazil French Press 3 Cup, Espro Press P5 or Frieling Insulated Coffee Maker French Press. Each brews a delicious dark cup of coffee with little to no effort on your part. What did you think of our top three French press coffee makers? Share your thoughts in the comments below.