How Does It Compare?

You’ll never go back to regular French press coffee after you’ve tried a cup from the Espro Press P5. A classic cup of French press is muddled with coffee grounds at the bottom, but Espro said enough with muddy cups and invented a double filtration press to seal out gunk—literally! The layered filter and silicone seal work together to keep grounds out. The result? That clean cup of coffee you’ll be happy to sip all morning long. If you’re searching for your next French press coffee maker, check out the Espro Press P5.

Clean Drinking

A lot of coffee drinkers love the rich, full-bodied cup of French press coffee, but no one wants to watch each sip for the gritty silt at the bottom! Espro recognized the messy problem with a traditional French press and came up with a solution: a double-filtered plunger! The filter is designed with two micro-layers to allow flavorful coffee oils to pass through, but reduce the silt—the gritty mess in the bottom of our cup. But the filter doesn’t work alone. The plunger features a silicone seal to keep grounds from escaping. With the new glass carafe, you can see the grounds get caught in the seal—neat!

And if you want it even cleaner, you can insert one of Espro’s paper filters. The paper takes out more of the oils, which is great for people who love less acidic coffee. Whichever way you brew it, the P5 brews the same rich, bold flavors people love from French press.

The double-filtered basket and silicone seal locks out grounds for a clean cup of coffee! The double-filtered basket and silicone seal locks out grounds for a clean cup of coffee!

New Improvements

Made with 40% thicker borosilicate glass, the Espro Press P5 keeps coffee toasty warm and can hold up against accidental flights to the floor. On early mornings before coffee, the P5 is just what we need to get our day started!

As an added safety measure, the P5’s has a new safety lock tab on the glass carafe to keep it secured in the stainless steel base and handle. So go ahead and tilt the P5 upside down to get out every last drop! Bonus: When you need to clean your carafe, align the safety lock to handle and it’ll slip right out!

Sleek & Sensible Style

Another safety measure on the Espro Press P5 is the sturdy stainless steel casing and plastic bottom and handle. The plastic base provides a nice cushion between the glass carafe and the counter to prevent damage while the handle keeps cool.

Most importantly, the polished steel casing looks sophisticated on your dining room table for brunch or on your office desk! The P5 has an 18-ounce glass carafe that will fill up a respectful three to four cups. And its small, compact build makes it the perfect companion for a desk job. We foresee more productive morning with a cup of good French press coffee at arm's length!



Designed with a new and improved features, the Espro Press P5 is a new favorite French press coffee maker. The double-filtered plunger fills our cup with coffee and less grit while the thick glass carafe keeps coffee warm. What’s do you think of the Espro Press P5? Share your favorite features in the comment below.