Next round of finished lattes! Next round of finished lattes!

Are the milk alternatives we’ve already explored still not satisfying your morning caffeine cravings? If so, keep reading to find your next cup companion. In part three of this four-part series, we’ll explore some uncommon lactose-free and vegan alternatives to dairy milk.


In this round, oat milk won the gold medal, with cashew milk being a close runner-up. Oat milk boasted a rounded flavor and a mild oatmeal taste. The texture was slightly different than dairy milk, although most of our taste testers didn’t mind. Check out the article about the rising popularity of oat milk in Sweden on page 71 in Volume 4 of Drift Magazine. It is a common alternative to soy and dairy milks due to its sustainability and taste.

Next, cashew milk was a yummy alternative to too-bitter almond milk that is more widely available than hazelnut milk. It presented a creamy texture that fell somewhere in the middle on the latte art potential scale. Good sign: our blind test tasters thought this was oat milk at first!

Lastly, the flax milk fell a little short due to its thin texture and lack of flavor. The flavor seemed overly bland, but it wasn’t terrible. However, flax milk could be an option if you are interested in comparing the flavors of several espresso blends without adding too much flavor.

Nutrition per 8 ounces Nutrition per 8 ounces

Gellan Gum is an additive to some brands of alternative milks to help them foam and behave more like dairy milk. We suspect that the flax milk has less of this additive, which would explain its lack of frothiness.