This month's roast of the month is a delicious single origin from Bluebeard Coffee Roasters: Santa Maria Yucuhiti!

This Mexican single origin features some enticing flavor notes, and definitely doesn't disappoint. We loved the rich and creamy taste of caramel and chocolate with the sweetness of blood orange. This washed process roast is also smooth enough to enjoy as a daily drinker, so consider grabbing a couple of bags more than you might for other single origins.

As with many lighter single origins, the best way to enjoy this roast is as a pourover. This will allow you to get the most out of the coffee's more complex notes. It also helps control acidity, so that the flavors aren't overwhelmed with "coffee" taste. We think you might just love this roast enough to want a whole pot pourover to yourself! So check out Bluebeard's Santa Maria Yucuhiti here today! We're pretty sure it's a coffee you'll love!