Hey there coffee fans!

We missed you for last week's video roundup because of our wonderful Roast of the Month. That means this week we have a double whammy of video goodness for you! Let's dive in.

First up, Allie and I chatted last week about roast levels and how they affect flavor:

Next, we've got a look at the Jura Smart Connect app with Jake, his very first video!

Then we checked out some Barista Pro setup steps with Allie:

Next up, Allie took a look at the new white Barista Encore:

Then Allie and I sat down together (virtually) to taste our Roast of the Month for June.

And finally, it's a sneak peak of the new Fellow Ode grinder!

That's what we've got for now, we'll be back next week with more video content, have a great weekend!