A common problem when shopping for drip brewers is the apparent similarity between these machines. It’s hard to look at a product page and see what differentiates one brewer from another. One machine that doesn’t have that problem is the Breville Precision Brewer. This versatile coffee maker gives you tons of control and options while maintaining a core of consistency and performance. Let’s take a look at what makes this machine tick!

The Basics

The basics of this machine are pretty comparable to other high end drip brewers. The Precision Brewer offers rock solid temperatures between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. This is by far the most important part of a great coffee machine. Temperature consistency at the proper brewing heat means you’ll get delicious coffee every time you brew a pot. The Precision Brewer also gives you control over this temperature, which is a key difference between it and other similarly priced machines. We’ll touch on that control more shortly.

Aside from the temperature details, the Precision Brewer has all of the other basics covered. With glass and thermal carafe options you can get the exact vessel that fits your taste. Solid build quality all around means you won’t have to worry about the machine going the distance. Finally, this coffee machine features an adjustable bloom setting and well designed shower head, rounding out the core features you expect from a premium drip brewer.

These features are similar on other machines, what really makes the Precision Brewer special is in the details.

Unparalleled Control

Most drip brewers are pretty simple to operate. You just add water and grounds and push a button, then the machine brews a (hopefully) delicious pot. This is as much as many users need, but for some, deeper control is a bonus. That’s where the unique features of the Breville Precision Brewer come into play. With its digital readout and control knob you can control the parameters of your brew. This means you can set bloom time, temperature, flow rate, and even auto start times. Essentially, you have the ability to completely customize every aspect of your brewing process. This kind of control is what makes slow-brew methods like Pour Over and Press brewing so popular. To have those options in a drip brewer really makes this machine stand out.

The only downside here is that because of the extensive options, it may take some effort to dial in your favorite settings. Each setting you come up with might not be the optimal choice for different coffees as well. To alleviate this, the Precision Brewer has a number of excellent presets. Options like SCA Gold Cup brewing as a baseline, iced coffee/cold brew settings for cold coffee, single cup brewing, and even pour over settings for use with a separate attachment. If you are interested in getting that attachment WITH your Precision Brewer, you can check out our Tribute Edition of the Precision Brewer.

Another welcome feature of the Precision Brewer is its multiple baskets, allowing you to swap between cone, and flat bottom filters. For added convenience, the flat basket is also a metal filter in case you want to skip the paper entirely.


As you can see, the Precision Brewer really is the pinnacle of home coffee machines. This brewer combines rock solid performance with pretty unparalleled control. While new users might want something more simple, there’s no better drip brewer for the experimental enthusiast.