There are so many factors that come into play when selecting an espresso machine for your business. We’ve talked generally about things you’ll want to watch out for, but today we’re highlighting a specific machine. At Seattle Coffee Gear we think it’s an excellent option for aspiring cafe owners and those looking for an upgrade alike. The machine in question? The Rocket Espresso RE Doppia.

The Basics

The RE Doppia is a newer premium commercial espresso machine from Rocket Espresso that strives to hit a sweet spot between features, performance, and price. While it’s not the only machine that offers many of the benefits that it does, it’s also well priced compared to the competition. It’s for these reasons that we love to work with and recommend this machine. But what about specifics?

Available in 2 and 3 group models, the RE Doppia features 2 stainless steel boilers with PID controlled brew temperatures. On the 2 group model, this means a 4 liter brew boiler and 9 liter steam boiler. On the 3 group model you’ll get a 6.3 liter brew boiler and 12 liter steam boiler. Having these sizable double boilers will allow baristas to pull shots and steam milk as fast as orders come in. PID controlled temperatures ensure that you get rock solid consistency in brew temperature as well. 

Further improving temperature stability all the way from boiler to cup is the RE Doppia’s saturated group heads. Essentially, a saturated group circulates heated boiler water around and through the brew groups to increase temperature stability. This ensures that your water holds temp as it is pushed through the portafilter, which is itself kept hot. Saturated group heads are becoming more and more popular on commercial machines, but to find them on a dual boiler with PID controlled temperatures in this price range is quite impressive. Rounding out the pure performance side of the equation is the RE Doppia’s steam transducer for electronic pressure control. This keeps recovery time quick even under significant load.

With all of this in mind, even a machine with performance this solid can be a struggle to work with without quality of life and workflow in mind. We’re happy to say that the RE Doppia is also a joy to use.

Features and Workflow

Before we dig into the bullet pointed features of the RE Doppia, let’s look at general workflow. The RE Doppia’s groups are controlled by intuitive buttons located at the top of the brew groups. This means all of the information your baristas will need can easily be found at eye level during operation. It also helps avoid messes on a busy countertop, as there’s no need to access the area under or around the groups except when placing and removing cups or portafilters.

The steam levers on the RE Doppia are very easy to access and operate, and combine comfortably with the machine’s top mounted steam wands. These wands rotate with a high range of motion for use without blocking the brew groups. To top it off, this machine features cool touch wands that won’t burn your staff if they bump into the wand or grab it to move it.

One of the most important features on the RE Doppia is its volumetric programming. Instead of timed shots or needing to manually stop the flow, baristas can dial in a roast and save the pull by volume. That means if your grinder settings and coffee are kept consistent, you can simply press pre-programmed buttons for the perfect shot every time. This feature allows your baristas to set up an espresso shot before the cafe even opens and then recreate it all day long with just a push of a button. Rather than remove the craft and precision of manually pulling shots, volumetric programming empowers your staff to share their skill with your customers without having to rush when it gets busy. While other high end machines do share this feature, it’s very rare to find it in a dual boiler machine with PID control in the RE Doppia’s pricerange. This combination alone makes it an extremely easy recommendation.

The RE Doppia also has mix valves on its hot water spouts, a key feature for busy cafes serving Americanos. These valves stop the sputtering and steam spray that can come from pulling hot  water from a steam boiler.

Last, but certainly not least, is the extensive programming available on the RE Doppia. From pre-brew times and volumetrics to deep control of pumps and boilers, with the help of a technician you can really dial your machine in for your business. This all combines to really make the machine something that adapts to your needs and workflow, rather than demanding that you learn to wrap your coffee service around it.

Conclusions and Takeaways

So what does all of this mean to a prospective cafe owner? What it boils down to is that the Rocket Espresso RE Doppia is hard to argue against as the perfect centerpiece for a growing coffee program. As you consider an upgrade to your equipment, it’s worth taking a hard look at Rocket Espresso alongside options like La Marzocco, Nuova Simonelli, and Rancilio. This particular machine combines a unique mix of premium features at an attractive price point without sacrificing build quality or performance. For that reason alone it’s a machine that we find it easy to recommend. 

Are you in the process of shopping for the perfect commercial coffee equipment? Just have some questions about the RE Doppia or other Rocket Espresso espresso machines? Head over to our cafe landing page, send us an email, or give us a call at 866-372-4734 for a free consultation!