It's finally time for another Roast of the Month!

This feature has been on hiatus, but we're so excited to bring it back. We're doing so with the delightful Boon Boona Coffee's Jebena blend. If you're not familiar with Boon Boona, they're a fantastic Seattle area roaster. What makes them special to us is their connection to the heritage of East African coffee. Their founder and CEO, Efrem Fesaha, is a Seattle native with Eritrean roots. Growing up with the coffee ceremony shared by Eritrean and Ethiopian cultures, Efrem has a deep connection to coffee. This passion comes through in their exceptional coffees and warm, inviting aesthetic. While there's no substitute for enjoying these coffees at one of their cafes, we love that we can bring you Boon Boona coffee through Seattle Coffee Gear.

A blend of Ethiopian and Ugandan beans, Jebena is one of the roaster's year-round offerings. It's a medium-dark roast that is a bit darker than what we usually feature for ROTM. That's part of why we wanted to give it its due, because it's always impressive when a roaster is able to preserve the flavor of the coffee through a darker roasting process.

In the cup, Jebena offers rich flavors of dark chocolate and caramel without too much bitterness. This washed process coffee is satisfying, rich, and just bitter enough without too much roastiness. We love it not matter how you brew it, with it shining particularly well as a drip brew or espresso.

Pick up a bag of Jebena today and enjoy one of this incredible roaster's finest blends!