If you've got someone looking for that classic cup of drip coffee on your list, you've come to the right place. But that's not all we've decided to cover in this gift guide. More and more people turn to cold coffee, even in chillier weather! That's why we've rounded up some of our favorite gifts for the classic coffee enthusiast, and any lover of cold coffee into one guide. Let's dig in!

The Perfect Grinder

Whether you're grinding for drip, cold brew, iced coffee, or really any slow brew method, we have the grinder for you. The Solis Scala Zero offers incredible quality for any slow brewing method. That means you can use it for all of the above, plus brew methods like press and pour over. This grinder even has the settings on the fine end to tackle some basic espresso. The "zero" in the name refers to the excellent static reduction system built into the grinder. This helps to keep static cling to almost nothing, though your mileage may vary with air conditions. The Scala Zero is also really easy to use. Just twist the hopper to adjust the grind setting and use the simple timer to set your volume. The best part? This grinder is well within reach for many holiday shopping lists in terms of price. It really is the perfect way to get started with home coffee brewing, or upgrade from that imprecise old blade grinder. We think it's a great choice for any classic or cold coffee lover on your list!

Looking for something a little more luxury? Check out the Fellow Ode Coffee Grinder. This high-performance and gorgeous to look at grinder is packed with features. From the big adjustment knob at the front with tons of settings, to the magnetic catch bin and knocker arm, there's so much here to thrill the coffee loving gadgeteer. It's not all bells and whistles though, the high quality burrs on this grinder and short hopper for single dosing make this grinder on of the absolute best options all around for brewing pour over. We know any fan of that brew method will be over the moon to receive a gift like the Ode.

Brewed to Perfection

So you have the perfect grinder, now it's time to brew. For our classic drip coffee fans out there we've got to recommend the Moccamaster KBGV Select Coffee Maker. This old fashioned drip brewer is hardly lagging behind in performance and quality. With one of the very best heating elements around the Moccamaster line is still one of our very favorite go tos for a classic pot of black coffee. This heating system keeps water at the perfect temperature for coffee extraction the whole way through the brewing process. This gives you even extraction and incredible flavor when all is ground and brewed. It's also a very simple brewer to use. All you have to do is insert a filter and coffee grounds, select between brewing a half a pot of coffee and a full pot, and then turn it on. The Moccamaster does the rest! On top of brewing incredible cups, this coffee machine is also built to last. We've seen Moccamasters last decades, and the KBGV Select is no exception. So if you're looking for one of the very best brewers around for the coffee fan on your list, look no further!

Delightful Drinkware and Storage

It's hard to enjoy your morning cup without some exquisite drinkware! For this, we've got a couple of great options to recommend. If your giftee prefers the stone cold classic coffee mug we have to recommend the Acme Union. These mugs are built to last, easy to hold, and look great next to a Moccamaster or Chemex. There's not too much to say about their understated simplicity, and we just know any classic coffee lover would love one of these cups. Looking for something a little more modern? The notNeutral Lino line of mugs offers easy to use, maintain, and enjoy coffee cups that slot in nicely with a more modern kitchen. Both of these mug designs are excellent, and you really can't go wrong.

Looking for a gift that's a little off the beaten path? Airscape Coffee Bean Canisters are perfect for this! These coffee storage containers have a vacuum seal to help keep coffee at its freshest for months and months. We love the simplicity that these canisters offer, and the best part is that any coffee enthusiast can use an extra container. It just means they can keep another roast nice and fresh with their setup!

Classic AND Cold

If you want to gift them that classic cold brew flavor with as simple a brew process as popular then the Toddy Cold Brew System needs to be on your list. This brewer produces large amounts of cold brew with an incredibly easy brewing process. All it takes is a a filter, some coffee, and some water and you've got a great solution for any cold brew lover. By adding the stopper, a filter, coffee, and water to the brewer you're all set for overnight steeping. Once brewing is complete you place the brewer onto the included glass pitcher and remove the stopper, allowing coffee concentrate to drain! It really couldn't be simpler. The only downside to the Toddy is size, and we have a great solution for anyone lacking space.

If your giftee prefers to brew in smaller quantities for on the go consumption then the Primula Tritan is for them. This travel mug may look like a simple coffee container, but it's so much more. With an integrated brewing chamber you can actually brew cold brew overnight in this tumbler. It's perfect for the daily commuter - just add coffee and water the night before work, toss it in the fridge, and wake up to fresh cold brew already ready to take with you! Another reason this travel mug makes a great gift is the cost - it's well within more modest gifting budgets, which we really love.


Unique and Brilliant

The hottest cafe coffee on the market right now might be the nitro cold brew. This smooth, nitro infused treat has been bringing patrons into the doors of popular coffee shops because it's so hard to recreate elsewhere. That's why we are so in love with the GrowlerWerks uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker. The uKeg starts as just a cold brewer. It's so easy to use too - you just add coffee to a filter, tie it off, and place it into the growler along with room temperature water. This process is similar to other cold brewers and couldn't be simpler. The real trick, of course, is the nitro. By inserting a nitro canister into the cap on the brewer you can infuse your cold brew with those smooth and creamy bubbles. Simply turn the dial on the top to start the infusing process, either during brewing or later. A gentle shake brings you even more nitro infusion. Once the brewing and infusing is finish, you can use the simple keg nozzle on the front to pour that delicious cold brew. With easy to restock accessories and simple maintenance, this brewer really is the ultimate pick for the cold brew enthusiast.

If you're looking for a great group gift for the person who loves all things coffee, check out the Philips 3200 LatteGo Iced Coffee Superautomatic Espresso Machine. This mouthful of a machine offers a ton of different automatic options for brewing whole bean coffee however you like it. The dedicated iced coffee option allows for pretty incredible brewing over ice, which we just don't see all that often from more automatic machines. When you combine that with the impressive espresso this machine puts out it really earns our accolades. But that's not all, the 3200 LatteGo Iced Coffee also has that LatteGo bit in the name. This system delivers some incredible steamed milk that makes for delicious lattes and cappuccinos. While this machine is on the more expensive end, it really earns its pricetag with its versatility. We think it's a perfect big gift for a family member or group purchase for that coffee lover on everyone's list!

Stay tuned for more gift guides across a range of different coffee categories to knock your holiday shopping out of the park!