Brew up something special for you and your sweetheart this Valentine's Day!

This latte recipe is decadent and delicious, but also achievable on that fresh new coffee gear you're still learning to use. Let's check it out!


¼ oz dark chocolate syrup
2oz Espresso
½ oz strawberry syrup
6oz steamed milk
Whipped cream, fresh strawberry for garnish


Using a highball glass or iced latte glass, drizzle the chocolate sauce on the glass, leaving some at the bottom.

Then, add ice to the top of the glass.

Pour fresh espresso over the ice.

Add the strawberry syrup on top.

Using a cold foamer, blend your milk until it’s nice and fluffy.

Pour over the mixture.

Then, top with whipped cream and a strawberry for garnish.

Thanks to Ariel for this delicious recipe. ?