There’s nothing like a hot cup of classic drip coffee. It’s the brew method that helped catapult our favorite beverage into popularity in the United States, and it’s a delicious way to get your morning caffeine. So what do you get the drip coffee fan that has it all? Or maybe your giftee is just getting started with their move to higher quality morning coffee options? Either way, we’ve got you covered in this Drip Coffee Dreamer gift guide.

Breville Precision Brewer Tribute Edition

The Breville Precision Brewer is an excellent machine for users of all experience levels. This drip coffee maker is called the Precision Brewer because it gives you detailed control over brew parameters. There’s so much here to program that you can get as specific as you need for any coffee you’re brewing. From cold coffee settings, to multiple different filter options, to auto-on programming, this machine is really a slow brewing powerhouse. There’s also a simple Gold Cup setting for newer users who just want a solid pre-programmed set of parameters.

The Seattle Coffee Gear exclusive Tribute Edition is a way to take this machine up another notch. This version of the machine comes with a pour over adapter, so you can use a Kalita or Hario dripper with the machine. The result is automatic pour over with a flavor profile in line with more exhausting brew methods. It’s an excellent extra tool to compliment an already fantastic machine!

Fellow Ode Coffee Grinder Gen 2

Does your giftee have a coffee machine already? Everyone needs a grinder too! The Fellow Ode Gen 2 is an update to the already exceptional Fellow Ode. This coffee grinder is definitely one of the more premium options out there for slow brew grinding, and will be an upgrade for most coffee setups out there.

The Ode is a single dose grinder, meaning you measure your beans for your brew before pouring them into the grinder’s hopper. You then grind through the whole hopper to get your fresh grounds. The original Ode has solid performance, easy to use controls, and creature comforts like a metal grounds receptacle and handy knocker to clear any retained grounds. The new Gen 2 model features upgraded burrs for more precise grinding, a larger hopper for bigger pots of coffee, and new anti-static technology to further assist with retention.

Ultimately, this is a fantastic grinder that has a lot to offer most slow brew coffee fans, and it makes an excellent group gift.


What’s a coffee setup without great accessories? First up, everyone needs drinkware, and the Acme Union Mug is a stylish, comfortable option. With a variety of colors, this mug also has a great form factor for drip coffee, and keeps coffee nice and hot. Next, by using an Airscape Coffee Bean Canister you’ll add months to the shelf life of your coffee. This is especially useful for anyone practicing single dosing for grinding like the Fellow Ode mentioned above does! Multiple canisters means multiple places to store different roasts, so you can decide what you’re in the mood for each day. Finally, the simple and compact Miir Coffee Spoon is a useful tool for measuring out those beans!


What good is all of this coffee equipment without coffee beans to use it with? Your giftee will love both of these coffees regardless of their slow brew method of choice. First, one of our collaborations with Brandywine Coffee Roasters, Rainier Morning Blend, is an easy drinking, easy brewing roast that makes for the perfect everyday drip brew. Notes of chocolate, caramel, and cherries are sure to please everyone they brew for in the morning. Another perfect choice for that rich, chocolatey tasting morning cup is Ruby’s Creamery blend. This seasonal coffee is always delicious and always easy to work with, making it another great choice for getting acquainted with some new coffee gear.

Check out our video below for more on these great gift options!