Everyone has that one friend that drinks cold brew even when it’s below freezing outside (trust us, we have many). If that sounds like someone on your 2023 holiday gift list then we have the shopping guide for you! Read on for more great cold coffee gift ideas.

Oxo Cold Brew Coffee Maker

The Oxo Cold Brew Coffee Maker is a simple and to the point way to make cold brew. One of the interesting things about this brew method is how uncomplicated it really is. Really you’re just substituting the heat from something like a pour over with a very long brewing cycle. The difficulty can really be finding the right kind of vessel to brew your cold brew that is convenient and complete.

That’s where the Oxo Cold Brewer comes in. With a simple chamber at the top that even has a nice water distributor and a helpful stand, this is the perfect way to brew cold coffee and even iced teas. All you do is add water and coffee to the top chamber, let it brew, then mount it on the stand and place the included carafe beneath it. A quick flip of the switch and your concentrate will drain into the carafe. From there you can easily measure it using the measuring lines on the carafe, and the stopper even acts as a measuring cup itself! Once you’re all done brewing, you can easily clean microfilter that strains the coffee grounds with a quick removal process.This brewer really makes the cold brew process easy, plus it’s affordable.

Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder

When it comes to cold brewing it’s tough to imagine a better grinder than the Baratza Encore. This tank-like coffee grinder is one of the best grinders around for any slow brewing method. On top of its great range of grind settings, it’s also built to last. Baratza supports the Encore with a great range of replacement parts, so you can keep it running year after year. The simple hopper, control, and catch bin design are also perfect for cold brew, where you’ll often be brewing in just enough volume to make trendy single dose grinders a little less practical. Because of its rugged design, the Encore is a champ at those longer high-volume grinds as well, so you can use it for cold brew with confidence.

Toddy Cold Brew System

Toddy’s Cold Brew System works a little differently than Oxo’s, and might be more appealing to some. This brewer is even simpler in some ways, and is a great way to brew in bulk if you have more than one cold brew drinker in your home. Another difference is the way the filter works. Instead of using a metal microfilter like the Oxo, Toddy’s system uses a soft filter that can be reused ten times before replacement. This difference in filtration can lead to very minor differences in flavor profile, but not one that could be called better or worse. If your giftee likes to brew in bulk and doesn’t mind a replaceable filter then the Toddy could be an even better fit for them than Oxo’s brewer!


One of our favorite accessory manufacturers for cold brew is Miir. For this guide we’re highlighting a couple of their awesome products. The first is their stainless steel cold brew filter. We know, we know, this is yet another way to make cold brew, but trust us, it’s cool! This filter is super affordable and it’s made to fit most of Miir’s bottles. It works particularly well with the Tomo thermos, which is one of the best thermoses we’ve found. It’s a great little something extra that your giftee can use to make some cold brew on the go!


The Coffee

None of our gift guides are complete without some recommendations for coffee. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Well, until it runs out, but they can get more! First up in our recommendations is Tony’s Crew Brew. This jammy, nougaty blend is a great fit for most brew methods, and cold brew is no exception! For something a little bit more complex, they might enjoy Onyx’s Geometry blend. This one has notes of berries, sweet lemon, black tea, and honey, and makes for a treat no matter how it’s brewed.

Want more insight into these gift ideas? Check out our video below!