One of the biggest fan favorite brands we carry is Fellow. Fellow makes high end coffee equipment that is inspired by minimalist aesthetics and a very high degree of design. They are beloved because of how much care they put into each product, and the ways they iterate from product to product. They also put out these premium feeling pieces of coffee gear without charging too much for them. We love their lineup, and we thought it would be a great time to talk about some of the cool stuff they have available in 2024!

Coffee Grinders

Fellow has a couple of coffee grinders available, starting with the versatile and affordable Fellow Opus. The Opus almost feels too good to be true, but it isn’t. This grinder uses the macro/micro adjustment ring concept found on several grinders to great effect. In fact, it allows you to use this grinder for slow brew and as and espresso grinder, something many users ask for. The hopper is also single-dose, which supports this versatility. Since you’re only loading one dose of coffee at a time you can separate your espresso and drip beans and go with the right one for the brew. Other niceties like a magnetic hopper cap, thoughtfully designed catch bin and dosing cup, and Fellow’s signature modern design make this a great choice for an all around grinder.

If you’re more focused on pour over, the Fellow Ode might be more your style. This grinder is also single-dose, but specially designed for pour over brewing. This is helped by its dedicated magnetic catch bin and carefully designed burrs and grind path. While this grinder lacks the versatility of the Opus, it does offer a better experience and higher quality grinding for pour over specifically.

Pour Over Kettles

One of Fellow’s earlier products is the Stagg EKG gooseneck kettle lineup. Fellow offers three different Stagg EKG kettles, the first being the Variable Temp. This is the kettle for you if you want something simple but precise and adjustable. The Variable Temp has an adjustable temperature from 104f to 212f, and can even hold temp for up to an hour. Finally, a simple one minute timer is built into the display for timing pour overs. This kettle is also a great example of Fellow’s design acumen, with a futuristic look and high quality materials.

If you want something with more smart features, the Stagg EKG Pro might be for you. This kettle has all of the great features of the Variable Temp, but also has auto-on programming, a color screen, settings for altitude and hold time, and a chime to let you know when your water is at temp. It’s a great set of extra features that users wanting a higher end experience will appreciate. You can kick it up another notch with the Stagg EKG Pro Studio, which takes the Pro and equips it with even more premium materials in the base. Namely, the Pro Studio has a metal adjustment knob and a weightier glass face on the base.

Scales, Mugs, and More!

To complete your Fellow pour over setup, you can add the Tally Scale. While on the higher end of pricing for a coffee scale, the Tally justifies that price with smart features like guided brewing that walk you through every step of the pour over process. It also offers fast reaction at .1g of accuracy, as well as the expected options of settings and timers.

If you need something for sipping your coffee out of, Fellow makes a great lineup of mugs like the Joey and Monty. All of their cup and mug styles are beautifully designed and well designed for holding and retaining heat. They’re some of our favorites at the SCG offices and we know you’ll love them too.

Fellow makes a number of other cool accessories and tools, such as the Atmos Vacuum Canister. This is a really well made vacuum sealed way to store your whole beans, with clever button based method to seal and flush the coffee. There’s also the Shimmy, a sieve built for sifting fines, something many pour over enthusiasts will argue makes for a cleaner cup, and the Prismo, which opens up whole new flavor profiles for your Aeropress. Fellow even offers a press of their own with the Clara - a smartly designed coffee press that is built to last. Finally, we’d be mistaken to not list one of our favorite milk steaming pitchers, the Fellow Eddy. This pitcher feels great to work with and is really a looker when set next to a high-end espresso bar setup.

You can browse all of these products and more here, and get some of John’s thoughts on Fellow’s lineup below!