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Ava Gehlen-Williams

  1. Lactose-Free Lattes | Part Four

     Are all of the options we’ve discussed in the previous parts still not meeting your whole milk standard? In this last segment of our four-part...
  2. Lactose-Free Lattes | Part Three

      Next round of finished lattes! Are the milk alternatives we’ve already explored still not satisfying your morning caffeine cravings? If so, keep reading to...
  3. Lactose-Free Lattes | Part Two

    Finished lattes! Are the mainstream milk alternatives just not your thing? If soy, almond, and rice milk don’t quite cut it, read on to...
  4. Lactose-Free Lattes | Part One

      Finished lattes with soy, hemp, almond, rice, and dairy milk. Do you get tired of the same boring latte every morning? Maybe it’s time...
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