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Felicia Kloewer

  1. Crew Comparison: Xelsis Evo vs Exprelia Evo

    Today we’re bringing you two superautomatics that rival in appearance, performance and programmability—the Xelsis Evo and Exprelia Evo from Saeco. Just looking at both robust...
  2. Crew Review: Rancilio Silvia M

    Say hello to the latest version of Rancilio’s Silvia, the Rancilio Silvia M. Like it’s predecessor, it features an all-over stainless steel body, traditional steam...
  3. Espresso vs. Coffee Beans: Is There a Difference?

    What’s The Difference? Browsing the coffee aisle, you might notice some bags are marked as espresso or drip blends. That get’s you thinking: “What’s the...
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