• Event Recap: Breville Holiday Showcase

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    Upgrading to a new espresso machine or drip brewer during the holidays can be a stressful process. With a whole list of responsibilities on your plate to take care from entertaining guests to preparing a meal, it’s easy for great coffee to slip through the cracks. That’s why we asked Breville to show off new machines from their coffee product line at our Bellevue location before the holidays get here in full force! Joined by coffee experts from Breville and Counter Culture Coffee, guests were able to explore the diverse functions of the Breville Oracle Touch™, Breville Precision Brewer™, and soon to be released on Breville Barista Touch™.

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    A Closer Look at Breville's New ProductsBreville_Holiday_Showcase (12 of 25)

    Upon the release of the Breville Precision Brewer™, this versatile coffee maker is everything but boring. The perfect gift for a family of coffee snobs and novices alike, the Precision Brewer boasts a handful of programmable brew methods from a standard gold cup to cold brew.

    If you’re a person who likes to roll out bed in the morning and head out the door without having to bat an eye at a complicated brew method, this machine is a perfect fit! However, the customizable bloom time, temperature, and flow rate will appeal to those who like a little more play in their brewing. Travis from Counter Culture demonstrated one of the most unique functions of the brewer – V60 pour over adaptability.

    Breville_Holiday_Showcase (4 of 25)While the Breville Barista Touch™ is still shrouded in a bit of mystery as it has yet to see a release date through Seattle Coffee Gear, folks in attendance of the holiday showcase were able to get a hands-on first look at the machine leading up to it going online. Almost completely different that it’s close relative and namesake, the Barista Express, the new Touch features:

    - Simple touch screen drink programmability
    - Automatic steam wand producing café quality microfoam
    - A built in conical burr grinder
    - Sleek and compact footprint compared to the Oracle Touch

    The Breville Oracle Touch™ has been one of our very favorite machines since it made its debut earlier this year. Boasting an impressive number of drink options, the updated iteration of the Breville Oracle gives users the freedom to program their perfect beverage to the machine without having worrying about deleting other user’s data.

    Featuring an automatic dose and tamp function along with perfect hands-free steaming, the Oracle Touch allows users to pour and enjoy drinks without having to stress about the complicated nuances of pulling espresso. Did we mention that it has a massive 84 oz. water tank so guests need not worry about constantly refilling the machine at a social gathering!Want to win these new products from Breville? Visit your local Seattle Coffee Gear store now thru 11/27 and be entered to win the Precision Brewer, Barista Touch, and the grand prize – the Oracle Touch! Entering couldn’t be easier!

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    Receive a chance to win with:
    Each visit to SCG's Bellevue or Lynnwood Locations
    In-store purchases of $50 or more
    Any purchase of a Breville Machine

    Can’t visit our stores? Enter to win a Breville Oracle here!

  • Spotted Cow's Hello September Open House

    IMG_7035 Photography courtesy of Landon Montoya

    There’s just something about the shift from August to September. The sun sets a bit earlier, the mornings are a little cooler, and kids are headed back to school. Whispers of the impending arrival of pumpkin spice echo from café to café. Coffee just tastes a bit more pleasant. What better way to usher in the changing season than by having a party? Seattle Coffee Gear happily joined Spotted Cow Coffee Company for their Hello September Open House this past weekend alongside local gelato purveyor Gelatiamo. The event offered exclusive coffee tastings, special beverages, raffle prizes, delicious nitro cold brew, and even free hot dogs!

    Joining the Bustle

    The Spotted Cow is positioned perfectly at the northernmost end of the Mill Creek Town Center, where a collection of diverse shops meets residential homes and apartments. Here locals congregate each Saturday for a boost of caffeine amidst the smell of freshly roasted beans and a flurry of conversation. The café and roastery has been a hub for community throughout its history, and owners Brian Parker and Rachelle Gehrig wanted to celebrate all that their shop has to offer.

    Seattle Coffee Gear has proudly carried a collection of coffees from Spotted Cow since 2015,

    Photography courtesy of Landon Montoya Photography courtesy of Landon Montoya

    and we surely weren’t going to miss out on the opportunity to participate with this special happening.

    Equipped with the Chemex coffee makers, Bonavita Gooseneck Kettles, and paper filters in hand – our SCG team set up a tasting station for patrons to enjoy while waiting for their beverages to arrive. Tyler Marshall, customer service specialist for Seattle Coffee Gear, prepared two of Spotted Cow’s newest offerings – Ethiopia Misty Valley Blend and Panama Finca San Sebastián.

    By sharing these new varieties, many customers were able to experience flavor profiles they hadn’t before. The notes were so robust it caused one customer to proclaim in surprise, “Oh my god – this coffee DOES taste like blueberries.”

    A Bit More About These Coffees

    Photography courtesy of Landon Montoya Photography courtesy of Landon Montoya

    Misty Valley Blend – Sourced from Ethiopia’s Misty Valley, this coffee is grown at 1,750 – 1,950 meters by various smallholder producers in the Yirhacheffe region and processed naturally. Boasting notes of melon, blueberry, and milk chocolate Misty Valley is an excellent example of offerings from Southern Ethiopia’s Gedeo Zone.

    Panama Finca San Sebastián – Credited with producing some of the best coffee in the world, Panamanian offerings are always exciting to come by. Grown in the Boquette volcanic region and fully washed, Panama Finca San Sebastián pops with flavors of Meyer Lemon and stone fruit. Deliciously well rounded, it’s a classic cup of coffee.

    Seattle Coffee Gear’s Chemex Recipe

    Coffee: 40g
    Water: 600g at 202 degrees Fahrenheit
    Bloom: 60g water for 1 minute
    Brew Length: 4 minutes

    Musings from the SCG Crew

    “People were super excited about the Misty Valley that they were tasting – big heady notes of blueberry for sure. It hasn’t been released yet but is sure to be a big hit! The owners are amazing and committed to making the Spotted Cow a long lasting destination for perfect coffee. A big shout out to the entire Spotted Cow team for making it not only a fun experience for us, but for everyone who visits.” - Tyler Marshall, Customer Service

    We look forward to many more events like this with Spotted Cow Coffee Company and other friends of SCG!

    Purchase Spotted Cow Coffee here!


    Spotted Cow owners Rachelle and Brian with the winner of the Hello September Raffle! Photography courtesy of Landon Montoya Spotted Cow owners Rachelle and Brian with the winner of the Hello September Raffle! Photography courtesy of Landon Montoya


  • Spotted Cow Coffee Co at SCG Bellevue

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    Let's just call them trendsetters.

    Spotted Cow Coffee Company is quietly nestled in the city of Mill Creek, just 25 minutes due north of the bustling coffee scene of Seattle. However, Spotted Cow isn’t doing anything quietly.SpottedCow_Selects (1 of 21)

    Since open in 2003, the Spotted Cow has progressively been setting the tone for specialty coffee in smaller Western Washington cities often overshadowed by Seattle’s highly saturated market. In the midst of this coffee overload, they have found a unique voice offering high quality coffee in a warm and welcoming setting. This caught the eye of our team here at Seattle Coffee Gear, prompting us to bring them on as one of our earliest roasters available online and featured in store to be enjoyed on our tasting wall.

    Leading up to their “Hello September Open House”, we invited head roaster Joshua Montoya to join us at our Bellevue location to showcase some of Spotted Cow’s delicious coffees in espresso and pour over form at our tasting. Sharing his wisdom on their roasting approach as well as notes to look for in their various offerings, Joshua and crew masterfully prepared their Ethiopian Gedeb as well as their flagship Farmhouse blend and answered questions from guests who came out to the pop-up. Notes of strawberry and sweet citrus shone through in their Gedeb, while Farmhouse showcased refined flavors of dark chocolate covered berries and stone fruit.SpottedCow_Selects (7 of 21)SpottedCow_Selects (15 of 21)SpottedCow_Selects (21 of 21)Join Spotted Cow Coffee Co this Saturday, September 9th, from 10am to 6pm at their cafe in Mill Creek, WA for their Hello September Open House! SCG will be on site preparing and serving coffee from 10-1pm, so make sure to stop by and say hello!

    Purchase a bag of Spotted Cow here!

  • Seattle Coffee Gear + illy: Be Your Own Barista

    SCG_illy (2 of 24)It’s a frustrating question that has plagued many a coffee aficionado throughout the years: why doesn’t the cappuccino I make at home taste as delicious as the cappuccino I buy from my local coffee shop? The answer to that question can be found by addressing a diverse set of material related variables from the freshness of your beans, to the quality and calibration of your grinder, to the pressure at which you are extracting your espresso. Maybe your machine hasn’t been cleaned? Maybe it wasn’t properly rinsed after cleaning?

    But what about when you’ve covered all of the variables and you’re still not getting the results you are hoping for? Then it’s time to look at your technique!

    SCG_illy (11 of 24)That’s where illy’s “Be Your Own Barista” course came in to play. Meant to empower coffee lovers who wanted to take their home coffee preparation to the next level, this class held at our Bellevue location provided participants with the opportunity to train hands-on with Giorgio Milos – illy Master Barista and Italian Barista Champion. Equipped with all of the tools needed to produce great coffee at home, fourteen students discussed coffee history, learned tips and tricks to consider when preparing their beverages, and were released to put their new knowledge to the test while illy’s education team helped fine tune their technique.

    “I never knew I could make espresso that tastes this good,” shared a participant frustrated with the past drinks she had been making at home. It was a matter of making small corrections to her grinder as well as changing her tamping that helped her produce a cleaner, fuller bodied drink. Many attendees took notes on the discussions while others asked technical questions they had been investigating for months.

    Seattle Coffee Gear strives to be a place where coffee lovers like us can go to the next level in beverage preparation using the best tools available while also being a resource for people to ask questions and learn. This partnership with illy is only one of the many ways we continue to help people “make coffee you love!”

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