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  1. Video Roundup: 11/1/2019

    Hello friends! It's time yet again for another weekly video roundup here at SCG! We've got 4 videos hot off the press for you this...
  2. Izzo Vivi PID Pro Review

    The Izzo Vivi PID Pro is a dazzling stainless steel marvel that comes in at a great price point for what's on offer. Stainless steel...
  3. What Puts the Pro In Izzo Pro Machines?

    Earlier this year we launched Izzo's fantastic line of semi-automatic espresso machines. In the time since then we've updated the terminology around these machines, and...
  4. An Overview of Izzo Espresso

    You may have noticed an exciting new product line on SCG recently: Izzo Espresso! We're extremely excited to bring Izzo to our list of machines...
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