• Jura A1 Review

    The Jura A1 is a dedicated superauto that is completely dedicated to brewing excellent espresso. The A1 is unique in that it forgoes a milk steaming system, making it an excellent choice for a user interested in getting some of the best espresso without concern for lattes and cappuccinos. Today we’re taking a look at what makes the A1 tick, so read on to learn more!

    The Basics

    As mentioned above, the Jura A1 is a dedicated superuatomatic espresso machine focused entirely on delivering espresso. It’s a compact model, measuring just 9 inches wide, 17.5 inches deep, and 12.7 inches high. This makes it easy to squeeze into even the smallest kitchen, and makes accessing its water tank and bean hopper easier than with larger machines. An adjustable spout allows for cup clearance from 2 to 5.5 inches.

    Speaking of the reservoir, the A1’s 37 oz. water tank is comparable in size to other brewers, but since it doesn’t provide water for a steam boiler, you’ll refill it less than if you were brewing up milk drinks. It’s 5 oz. bean hopper is relatively small, but its sealed lining helps keep beans fresh while they sit in the hopper. This also allows you to keep beans extra fresh by storing them in an external airtight container.

    Internally, the A1 features Jura’s Aroma G3 conical burr grinder for minimal retention and faster grind times. Jura’s Pulse Extraction Process powers the brew unit, which we’ll touch on in the next section. In terms of drink options, the A1 is able to produce a ristretto, espresso, and “coffee.” A ristretto is a short shot that is more intense than a standard espresso, with the “coffee” option actually being a lungo, or long shot. While this is different than a traditional drip coffee, it uses more water than a shot of espresso, creating a less intense drink at a larger volume. Each of these three drink volumes can be programmed with 8 or 10 gram coffee doses, allowing you to adjust the strength of the brew.

    Jura A1’s also feature a rigorous rinsing cycle that helps keep the spout and brew unit clean. Further enhancing the cleanliness of the machine is the A1’s Clearyl water filtration. It’s important to note that different A1 models can use different filters, so you’ll want to refer to the machine’s documentation to ensure that you get the right ones.

    Pulse Extraction Process

    Jura’s real claim to fame is their proprietary Pulse Extraction Process (which is often abbreviated to P.E.P. This process produces some of the best superautomatic coffee around, and it’s why we recommend this machine for those who prefer their espresso without milk. With most brewers, coffee is extracted with one sustained burst of water pumped through the coffee grounds.

    Jura’s Pulse Extraction Process is different. Instead of a single stream of water pushed through by a pump, Jura machines with P.E.P. use pulses of water for extraction. These pulses help to fully saturate the grounds during brewing and prevent any channeling or uneven saturation. The result is a really well rounded shot that offers full, delicious flavor.

    While some users will still prefer espresso shots from a Miele, Saeco, or Philips machine, it’s undeniable that Jura’s P.E.P. produces excellent espresso. With the A1 offering this excellent coffee in a minimalist, compact package, it might be the perfect machine for you! Shop the Jura A1 here today.


  • Our New Arrivals!

    It’s time to take a look at some of the newest items we’ve added to our catalog here at Seattle Coffee Gear! With everything from grinders and scales to a brand new superauto, we have plenty to talk about. Let’s jump in!

    Jura Ena 8

    The Jura Ena 8 is the newest superautomatic espresso machine from this excellent manufacturer. The Ena 8 offers a small footprint and loads of drink options that make it the perfect superauto for someone who wants some style with their espresso machine. With a unique cylindrical water tank and bold design elements, the Ena 8 excels in that looks department. As for the drinks, this machine’s vibrant interface is intuitive and easy to use without sacrificing a depth of options. 10 build in recipes will be an excellent place to start, and one touch lattes will save you time when you’re in a hurry. To top it all off, Jura’s smart water filtration system keeps everything running clean and smooth and extends the time between descalings. Shop the Ena 8 here!

    All Black Eureka Mignon Filtro

    Eureka’s Mignon Filtro isn’t all new to the lineup, but its all black casing and hopper is. This excellent brew grinder is now available in a slick black finish that looks stunning alongside your favorite drip brewer. The new smoked black hopper adds an extra layer of style onto an already beautiful coffee grinder that we really can’t say enough about. Check out this update look here!

    Capresso Infinity Plus Coffee Grinder

    Looking for an affordable brew grinder? The Capresso Infinity Plus is a great option to get your first taste of fresh burr-ground coffee. With its affordable price point and simple operation, there’s a lot to love with this grinder. Using the original Capresso Infinity as a base, this new version features an updated hopper, clearer markings for adjustments, and a timer. All of this together makes it an excellent way to get started with brewing coffee from home. Just keep in mind that this is not a grinder we recommend for espresso, as it can only grind for pressurized baskets. Give the Capresso Infinity Plus a look here.

    Oxo Precision Scale and Timer

    We always love a new item from Oxo. This stylish little scale is a great way to dose and weigh your morning pour over. With a built in timer, you can even time your pour perfectly for that delicious recipe you have saved. An optional silicone sleeve keeps your vessel in place, and insulates the scale from heat. Finally, the Oxo’s big, bright display is easy to read even in lower lighting conditions. We do only recommend this scale for brewing, as it’s 0.1g accuracy is not quite fine enough for espresso shots. Shop this handy scale here.

    Stay tuned for more Summer additions to the catalog!

  • Video Roundup 6/19/20

    Hey there coffee fans!

    We missed you for last week's video roundup because of our wonderful Roast of the Month. That means this week we have a double whammy of video goodness for you! Let's dive in.

    First up, Allie and I chatted last week about roast levels and how they affect flavor:

    Next, we've got a look at the Jura Smart Connect app with Jake, his very first video!

    Then we checked out some Barista Pro setup steps with Allie:

    Next up, Allie took a look at the new white Barista Encore:

    Then Allie and I sat down together (virtually) to taste our Roast of the Month for June.

    And finally, it's a sneak peak of the new Fellow Ode grinder!

    That's what we've got for now, we'll be back next week with more video content, have a great weekend!

  • 2020 Getting Started Guide: Superautos

    Interested in espresso? Looking to cut pod coffee out? Still want the simplicity of push button operation? It sounds like you need a superauto!

    We've talked about superautomatic espresso machines at length here. So much so that you probably already know what these machines are. As a refresher, a superautomatic espresso machine is a machine that uses whole bean coffee to deliver delicious espresso based drinks. They are sort of like "cafes in a box." The trade-off is that no automated process can truly outdo a skilled barista on professional equipment. With that said, a superauto machine on your kitchen counter is an incredible convenience that can still provide a tasty morning does of caffeine. Superautos also cut down on the waste generated by pod machines, though they don't make drip coffee. There are a number of factors to think about when selecting a superauto. We'll touch on these things as we go through this guide to buying your first machine, or upgrading!

    First Machine

    For your first machine it's hard to argue against the Philips Carina. Getting into espresso for the first time is an expensive endeavor that the Carina makes a lot less scary. This is a simple to use machine that may seem light on features, but is actually a fantastic value. You can control dose (the amount the machine grinds for each shot) volume, and pull shots of espresso, long, coffee style lungo shots, hot water for americanos, and steamed milk. These are the core functions of any superauto espresso machine, so to have them surfaced like on the Carina is a boon. Add to all of this the easy to use AquaClean filtration system, and you've got an affordable winner of a beginner machine. Just remember to buy a filter with the machine!

    One thing that is important to note about the Carina is its panarello steam wand. This means that you'll need to manually hold a pitcher of milk up to the wand to steam it, like on a semi-auto machine. For many, the promise of automatic milk steaming is why they want a superauto in the first place. If auto steaming is a make or break feature for you, consider checking out the Philips 3200 Latte Go. This machine is just like the Carina in many ways, but includes a carafe based steaming system for automatic steaming.

    The other great thing about the Carina is it'll help you understand exactly what you want out of your next machine. Maybe you'll settle on the idea that more control over the shot is key for you. In this case, you may want to upgrade to a semi-auto machine. Maybe you like the superautomatic nature of the Carina, but you don't need the milk steaming. In this case, upgrading to something like the Jura A1, which brews espresso only, may be the perfect solution.

    Upgrading to a New Machine

    If you're looking at upgrading from an older machine and have a budget of over $1,000, consider the Jura E6. The E6 produces some exceptional espresso thanks to Jura's P.E.P. brewing system and is a definite upgrade from an interface perspective. Using its vibrant screen and simple button system you'll be able to set dose, temp, shot length, and milk volume for your drinks. One-touch cappuccinos with the E6's automatic siphon system are a delicious option as well. Finally, the maintenance tools on the E6 are really something. The comprehensive software is great at reminding you to rinse, clean, and descale the machine.

    The only real negative on this machine is the lack of milk control that you get. While the cappuccino foam that the siphon system on the E6 creates is decent, it just can't do lattes. This may be a dealbreaker for some folks. If that's you, then it's worth taking a look at the Miele 6350.

    The 6350 offers great milk texture for lattes and cappuccinos, delicious coffee, and is easy to operate. It's expensive, but justifies its price with extra features like a hot water spout, brew group light, and a a spill-proof drip tray. It's an easy recommendation for anyone looking at buying the last machine they'll need.

    Stay tuned for more buying guides focused on drip brewing and semi-auto espresso machines!

    Check out the rest of our getting started guides!

  • Gail's Picks: Best High-End Superautomatic Espresso Machines of 2019

    Welcome back to our Gail's Picks series for 2019!

    Today it's time to take a look at our picks for the best high-end superuatomatic espresso machines in 2019. These machines have so much programmability and tech in them that it's almost like having a personal barista. But what sets these three apart from other expensive superautos? Read on to find out!

    Miele CM6350

    The Miele CM6350 is a powerful brewer that offers a pipe based system that connects to a carafe for milk steaming, and four customizable profiles. This machine set a standard for high-end superautos and still is one of the best you can buy. The menus can take some getting used to, but there's no denying the quality of coffee and milk that comes out of a miele superauto. Add to that a hot water spout, large hopper, and a removable reservoir and you've got a compelling option at its price point. Those four profiles allow you to set elements of drink creation for multiple users, so that the whole family can dial in their perfect latte.

    Miele is also the only superauto maker to offer carafe based coffee brewing. While the "coffee" from a Miele isn't truly drip coffee, it's about as close as you can get from this style of machine. With carafe brewing, you can brew a whole pot of this lungo pulled espresso at once to serve multiple guests. It all combines to make the CM6350 one of the best machines you can buy for families.

    Saeco Xelsis

    Last year the Xelsis got a major re-launch and totally blew us away. We declared it one of the best machines of 2018, and it maintains that this year. The new Xelsis redefines programmability, user interface, and milk quality for superautos. The touchscreen on the face of the machine gives you full control over multiple pages of drink parameters. Things like volume and strength are standard, but being able to adjust temperature, milk foam, and specific ingredient volumes is a great addition. All of it is extremely easy to understand and read as well. This extends to the AquaClean filtration and HygieSteam system as well. Both of these components are easy to understand and manage, and make maintenance of the machine a breeze.

    The front access water tank, general look and feel of the machine, and sturdy construction drive home the premium nature of this machine. Then there's the milk quality. Xelsis' HygieSteam system really nails one of the hardest aspects of drink creation. Professional baristas spend hours learning techniques to get just the right amount of foam for lattes and cappuccinos. The Xelsis still can't quite match a real, human pro, but it gets as close as we've seen. All of that makes it one of the best superautos you can get!

    Jura Z8

    Reaching for the highest of the high end machines, the Jura Z8 is like an espresso supercomputer. Its massive 4.3-inch touchscreen delivers a glorious user experience that offers programmability and simple one touch recipes. 21 of these recipes are built in, and brewing them is as easy as can be. Adjustable milk temperature and texture provide an exquisite set of options for lattes and cappuccinos as well, really living up to that "cafe in your kitchen" concept. Plus, this machine makes some of the best espresso available in the superauto category. This is achieved with Jura's exclusive P.E.P. brewing system, which teases out more of the depth in the brew method that you can normally only get by manually pulling shots.

    On top of being one of the best in the business in terms of drink quality, the Z8 offers looks and easy maintenance as well. CLEARYL smart filtration keeps you informed on when you need to change the filter and clean the machine. On the case side, thick plating and solid construction provide a visually appealing and high quality feel to the machine. While this is one of the more expensive machines on the market, it justifies this with its high performance.


    And there you have it, our three favorites in the high-end market for superautos. We love these machines, and feel they represent some of the best options available for your kitchen. We're pretty sure you'll love them too. We're not done yet though, check back for more of Gail's Picks in the next week!


  • New Product: Jura Z8

    Last week we took a look at the Jura D6, but that's not the only new Jura machine! The Z8 is a high end machine with an extensive featureset that justifies its high price point. So what sets this machine apart from its sibling machines?

    Connectivity and Performance

    The Z8 takes the stellar performance of Jura's existing machines and adds in a whole lot of connectivity and ease of use features.

    The most noticeable addition is the 4.3 inch touchscreen. This display is clear and concise, and reminds us of a high quality mobile device. The interface is extremely clear and easy to use, giving you a huge degree of control over your drinks.

    This machine also features smart visual touches like a blue-lit water tank, smart tracked filtration, and one-touch options for your favorite drinks. On the whole the Z8 offers 21 drink recipes, most of them with a high degree of customization.

    The Z8 also connects to Jura's J.O.E. mobile app, giving you control of this machine via bluetooth.

    None of this would matter if the machine didn't perform, but thankfully, the Z8 does. Using Jura's P.E.P. brewing process, this machines brews hot, well extracted espresso. The Z8 also steams impressive milk using the included cappuccinotore.

    Overall, this is a strong machine operating at the top end of the superautomatic price range. Check out the Z8 on Seattle Coffee Gear right here!

  • Crew Review: Jura Z6

    How Does It Compare?

    The Jura Z6 comes with all the convenience you crave from a superautomatic plus new features that we're excited to share. One of the newest features in the Z6 is Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) that pulses during the brewing cycle for espresso and specialty coffees to strengthen the flavor and intensity. You’re probably wondering if it works. Superautomatic owners know that they sacrifice quality espresso for convenience. Enter the Z6’s solution: P.E.P.  and we’re totally onboard with this new addition.

    The Jura Z6 features texture-rich aluminum casing. The Jura Z6 features texture-rich aluminum casing.

    Jura also didn't neglect us latte lovers out there. The Z6's updated  milk temperature and milk foam temperature system can now select the temperature up to 10 levels with level one being the coolest temperature. Previous models haven't come with a milk carafe and the Z6 is no different. However, Jura updated their cleaning system and it’s definitely one of our favorite hidden updates! The Z6 comes with a kit full of goodies, including a handy container for cleaning. Use this container with the cleaning solution to rinse out the milk hoses and you’re ready to store away—thank you, Jura!


    Let’s dive more into the newly introduced P.E.P. system. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.) optimizes the extraction time to increase the strength of espresso or specialty coffees like ristretto. Check it out for yourself—listen to it pulse at 5:45. Jura’s well-known for the exceptional strong espresso thanks to their machines dosing more grams per shot. With the new P.E.P. brewing alongside their preprogrammed dosage, it has only benefited the strength and flavor of their coffee. You can also adjust the bean strength—the number of grams added per shot—and grind setting to dial in the perfect extraction time for your coffee. Our taste-tester, Gail, took the new P.E.P. for a spin and yeah, the coffee is definitely full of flavor! Bonus: The crema on our espresso was thick and beautiful.

    Look at that body! The P.E.P. ensures maximum extraction. Look at that body! The P.E.P. ensures maximum extraction.

    We’re pleased the Jura Z6 features a front-facing digital screen with easy-to-use buttons to select our choice. Choose from over 12 preprogrammed drink options and set your top six favorite drinks in the main menu. If you want to get into the whole menu, on the top right corner there is a dial that you spin for more drinks—iPod, anyone? To customize your drink preferences and locate other options such as auto-on time, press the circle button of the dial to access advanced settings such as “Expert Mode." This is where you can also create your top six drinks that are saved to the home screen for easy access.

    Choose your top six drinks and save them to the home page for easy access. Choose your top six drinks and save them to the home page for easy access.

    Equipped with an 81-ounce water tank and 9.9-ounce bean hopper, the Z6 has enough fuel to keep you fueled all morning long. The hopper features a tinted lid and rubber gasket for the freshest beans, which is great if you store beans in the hopper overnight—and hey, why wouldn’t you with the auto-on feature? The adjustable brew head slides up and down to maximize up clearance, which at the max is six inches tall. That’s enough space for a travel mug—unless you’re like us and your travel mug is more like the whole coffee pot. The brew head spouts also swing in and out (about two inches wide) to brew for a single or double portion.


    We’ve heard the concern before from coffee lovers that they're hesitant about taking home a superautomatics because of the frothing capabilities. Jura Z6 dashed those doubts with the upgraded programmable milk temperature and milk foam temperature settings. You can finally customize the temperature of your cappuccino foam! The temperature scale for the milk is set from one to ten—about a 22-degree difference—so we recommend trying one temperature settings at a time. The Z6’s additional temperature controls make getting your ideal temperature on milk-based drinks achievable.

    The Jura Z6 comes with a milk hose, but no carafe, to siphon out of a separate container. The Jura Z6 comes with a milk hose, but no carafe, to siphon out of a separate container.

    As we mentioned earlier, one of our favorite features is the updated maintenance options. Before, you could clean the milk system, but there was never a dedicated spot to insert the milk hose. The Z6 comes with a handy little kit filled with maintenance goodies such as a fitted container for cleaning. Once you’re in the “Clean the milk system” setting, it’ll walk you through how to properly assemble the cleaning system. Start the program and watch it as it makes your machine squeaky clean!

    Hello, swimming pool! The Z6 has a 81-ounce water reservoir.

    Our only complaint is that the Z6 doesn’t come with a carafe. The hose features a fitted in to insert into one of Jura’s carafe (sold separately). If you don’t own a Jura carafe, the hose is placed into a container of your choice. We get our milk by the gallon here at SCG so that small hose can’t reach the bottom of the jug. We also appreciate a complete set and the stainless steel Jura carafe looks really nice up against the Z6’s aluminum front.


    The soft sheen of the aluminum casing makes the Jura Z6 stand out amongst superautomatics. The texture-rich front gives the Jura that expensive look you want in a smart one-touch superautomatic. Sure, the water tank and sides are plastic, but this machine’s sleek, futuristic style outshines the rest. The drip tray is also a heavy metal—perfect for standing up to ceramic mugs and cleaning—and under the Z6’s built-in light system, it sparkles. Yes, you read that right, the Z6 features a built-in light system under the brew head and in the water tank. You can turn it off and on, but when it’s on the reflection in the water give it that futuristic flair.

    The spouts swing out to make two espresso drinks. The spouts swing out to make two espresso drinks.

    The Z6, unfortunately, is not designed to go under your cabinet. The power button is located in the far back next to the bypass doser and grinder setting. The Z6 has a large footprint and at 14.5 inches tall, it might be too snug under a cabinet anyway. Fortunately, the soft aluminum casing extends to the top and can stand alone on an open countertop. If you purchase the Z6, check out the manual and other printed goodies they send you home with. The futuristic space theme style on the machine is reflected in their beautiful printed goodies.

    The retro-inspired wheel navigates the front-facing screen. The retro-inspired wheel navigates the front-facing screen.

    The Z6 features a front-facing screen that is navigated by the six side buttons or dial in the top right corner. The retro iPod-inspired dial makes navigating easy enough, but it can be frustrating if you spin the wheel to fast and miss your mark. Once you get a feel for the responsiveness of the dial, it’s easy to pick up. The digital screen features pictures and labels for each drink and action and is incredibly intuitive to make selections. When you’re not spinning the wheel, the menu defaults to your six favorite drinks, which you can select through the center dial.


    The Jura Z6 improved P.E.P. brewing system and milk and milk foam temperature controls have made it easy for latte lovers to achieve that barista-quality espresso at home. And with its roomy water reservoir and bean hopper, it's easy for  home brewers to make cup after cup. This one-touch superautomatic comes equipped with all the automatic maintenance tips you'll need to upkeep the Z6 and we're pleased with our updated milk cleaning system. The Jura Z6's upgrades have improved the overall quality of coffee and milk temperature and we're excited to use it more.

  • Crew Comparison: Jura A9 vs Miele CM6310

    How Does It Compare?

    Jura’s well-known for their strong espresso produced from their machines, so we knew we needed to put the Jura A9 up against a comparable superautomatic, the Miele CM6310. The A9, as with most Jura models, have more grams per shot than other superautomatics. However, the Miele’s first espresso shot was hot and rich in flavor, giving the Jura a run for its money. Jura’s also well-respected for the durability of their products, so when the Miele’s built-in rinse cycles kicked in before and after brewing we knew the Miele and Jura face-off was going to be a great comparison.

    The Miele CM6310 features lights underneath the brew group to make getting a morning cup easy on the eyes. The Miele CM6310 features lights underneath the brew group to make getting a morning cup easy on the eyes.
    We love the clean face of the Jura A9. We love the clean face of the Jura A9.


    The Miele CM6310 comes equipped with a 60.8-ounce water tank and 16.9-ounce bean hopper—that’s over a pound of beans, coffee friends—that can make lattes and cappuccinos for days. The Jura A9 has a smaller tank at 37.2-ounce and a 4.4-ounce bean hopper, but that’s about a quarter pound of beans and plenty to get multiple cups of coffee. Of course, we know Jura’s strong espresso is thanks to the build of their machines that adds more grams of coffee per shot, so we can expect to go through coffee quicker. That said, in a side-by-side taste test between the Jura A9 and the Miele CM6310, we thought both flavors were exceptional for a superautomatic with the Jura A9 only slightly stronger.

    Jura is known for serving more grams of coffee per shot, so we weren't surprised by the strength of our espresso. Jura is known for serving more grams of coffee per shot, so we weren't surprised by the strength of our espresso.

    On the Jura, there’s no access to the brew group, which we’ve seen featured with competitors like Saeco, DeLonghi and Miele. Jura durability and impressive automatic maintenance mean less work for you, coffee lovers. If you’re thinking about cozying the Miele up against appliances, you’re going to want to measure the space first. The Miele’s brew group is accessed behind a door on the right side of the machine along with the grind setting, which can be a hindrance if you want to dial in your grind to make the most of your coffee. Jura’s grind dial is easily accessed on the top of the machine alongside the touchscreen display.

    The Miele's right side door opens up to access the second milk hose, brew group and grind setting. The Miele's right side door opens up to access the second milk hose, brew group and grind setting.

    Both superautomatics are true one-touch machines that’ll whip up a latte or espresso straight into your cup. Both feature digital displays that are smooth to navigate and make selecting and customizing your drink preferences effortless. We’ll dive into the aesthetics of the displays later, however, grabbing a cup on the Miele CM6310 is completely different from the Jura A9. Miele features intuitive icons on the front of the machine with an LCD screen for other drink options. The A9 features an LCD touchscreen that you scroll through to select one of their many drink options, including two new coffee selections called the latte macchiato doppio and cappuccino doppio. 


    Latte macchiato, anyone? No problem! These one-touch superautos will froth up the perfect milk for a latte or even hot chocolate. Getting that right milk texture with a superautomatic is tough to come by, so we did a subjective test to see just how different these two would perform. The density of the foam looked a bit better on the Jura A9—perfect for a cappuccino! When we tested the temperature—using Gail’s as our thermometer—it was clear the Miele outdid the Jura A9. The temperature on the Miele is something we noted when we first introduced this machine to our line up. We’re glad it was able to stand up against other superautomatics that have been around longer.

    The Miele CM6310 comes with a stainless steel carafe to store and keep milk cool. The Miele CM6310 comes with a stainless steel carafe to store and keep milk cool.

    Equipped with a stainless steel thermal carafe, the Miele’s steaming accessories get the thumbs up from us. The Miele also comes with a second hose to directly siphon milk from a container, if you wish. Now that’s smart thinking. The second hose is also stored away next to the brew group. The Jura A9 only has the option to use the hose in an outside container, so you could use a frothing pitcher or milk carton, but either way, it’s less convenient than the Miele.

    The Jura A9 features a 37.2-ounce reservoir. The Jura A9 features a 37.2-ounce reservoir.

    Another feature we noticed is the Miele CM6310 performs an automatic “rinse milk pipework” cycle that thoroughly cleans the hoses. The hoses come with a nozzle that’s inserted into the drip tray during cleaning where it then flushes out any lingering milk—thank you, Miele! The Jura A9, however, doesn’t have the option to clean the hoses, which means you’re responsible for rinsing it. If you’ve ever cleaned a straw, you know just how annoying it is to clean and with milk, you don’t want leftovers curdling in your machine. We think it’s safe to say that the steaming and maintenance features on the Miele CM6310 definitely won us over.


    The stainless steel milk carafe attaches with a hose on the side of the Miele's brew group. The stainless steel milk carafe attaches with a hose on the side of the Miele's brew group.

    It’s not often we see a full touchscreen option on espresso machines and it’s even less often that they work so well. The Jura A9’s touchscreen flawlessly scrolls with no long delays and features intuitive pictures and names of drinks. Perhaps the one downside of the Miele’s icons is that there are no names associated with them, so it’s likely you’ll need to consult the manual the first time. The Miele also has a screen but it’s navigated by buttons off to the right side. Once you get a feel for the Miele, the icons are intuitive to the functionality and we didn’t have a problem customizing our favorite drinks.

    The Jura A9 features a touchscreen that makes grabbing a cup of coffee a snap.

    The Jura A9 features a touchscreen that makes grabbing a cup of coffee a snap.

    Measuring in at 17.25 inches deep, the Jura A9 is surprisingly longer than the Miele by half an inch. However, the Miele is wider and taller than the Jura A9 and looking at them straight up that extra width makes the Miele appear larger. If you’re thinking about placing one of these under a cabinet, the height and depth on the A9 benefit the use of this machine since the touchscreen is located on top. While the Jura A9 has a clean face, we frankly would have preferred the touchscreen front and center and easier to access—we got tired of craning our necks just to pick out a drink. Depending on your cabinet height and depth, you might not be able to access the Jura’s interface. So while we applaud to Jura A9’s smaller footprint, there’s a lot to consider when fitting it into your home. The Miele’s got a large footprint, too, but fortunately, you only need a couple inches on top to remove the water tank and about a foot of space on the right side for the brew group, extra milk hose and grind settings.

    The Jura A9's footprint is a bit smaller than the Miele CM6310. The Jura A9's footprint is a bit smaller than the Miele CM6310.


    Both superautomatics are ergonomically designed with sleek edges to make the most of their larger footprint. The Jura A9’s intuitive touchscreen was probably the highlight of the machine style and we're disappointed that it wasn’t easier on our necks to look at—perhaps this is a machine for us taller folk? Without a doubt, we were impressed that both machine’s delivered excellent, hot and smooth espresso for a superautomatic. However, the Miele CM6310 outshined the competition with it’s incredible pipe cleaning system and overall hotter milk temperature. If you’re going to be mostly drinking milk-based drinks, we would recommend the Miele because of its performance and convenient features.

  • Top Five Coffee Makers For Mom

    We rounded up the best-of-the-best Mom-approved coffee makers. Between balancing making breakfast and ushering children out the door, Mom’s got to have some fuel—some caffeinated fuel we like to call coffee. These machines are ready to tackle Mom’s busy life and deliver a deliciously smooth cup of coffee. And these wouldn’t be true coffee makers for Mom without some features for the whole family. We’re all about giving kids espresso and a puppy—just kidding, but really some of these coffee makers can whip up creamy hot chocolate for the kids.

    Jura Ena Micro 1 Automatic Coffee with the Breville Milk Carafe

    MAM_JuraMico1 Jura Ena Micro 1 features a tall cup clearance that easily fits a travel mug.

    Now this is one tall drink of water. For busy SuperMoms, the Jura Ena Micro 1 is fit with a tall cup clearance and capacity to fill a travel mug so Mom’s out the door with hot coffee in hand. Three programmable buttons make a sturdy lungo, ristretto or espresso and it’s all fresh, ground on-the-spot coffee. No pods or capsules here.

    Pair the Breville Milk Carafe with the Jura Ena Micro 1 for a creamy latte. Pair the Breville Milk Carafe with the Jura Ena Micro 1 for a creamy latte.

    We paired the Jura Ena Micro 1 with the Breville Milk Carafe for Mom’s craving lattes and kids begging for a hot chocolate. The temperature control allows Mom to adjust the temperature a bit hotter for her latte and cooler for those little one’s fragile mouths. The Carafe also holds three cups, enough for all the kids to get a glass—no “me first” necessary!

    Chemex Ottomatic

    ChemexOtto_1 The Chemex Ottomatic marries pour over with a drip coffee maker for the best of both worlds.

    Moms are stylish, sophisticated and deserve a luxurious cup of coffee. The Chemex Ottomatic is all those things and more for Mom. Design with polished chrome and matte black, the brew system will complement the family’s kitchen appliances. The iconic glass carafe with the earthy wood and leather tie neck, on the other hand, will showcase Mom’s elegant taste.

    The Ottomatic marries pour over with the automated functions of the dripper thanks to the brew head that regulates hot water to bloom and brew—essentially the cabana boy of coffee. Once it's out of water, it’ll engage the hot plate to keep the coffee warm. So go ahead Mom, wrestle those kids into school clothes while making their breakfast and grabbing their backpacks, the Ottomatic will handle your pour over coffee for you.


    MAM_AeroPress AeroPress' compact design makes it an ideal traveling companion.

    If you don’t already have one, the AeroPress will become a must-have for busy mornings. The rich, smooth flavor is savored by coffee professionals and professional Mom’s alike. The AeroPress only requires a bit of your time to add hot water, stir and plunge. That’s all there is to it. It’s so compact, Mom can easily pack it in her purse and take it to-go—all you need is ground coffee and hot water and you’re making coffee in the back of your van during soccer practice.

    Breville Oracle

    MAM_Oracle The Breville Oracle offers manual and auto options so any level of barista can give it a go!

    The Breville has a little something for everyone and it’s so easy to use the whole family can become coffee connoisseurs. The Oracle features a built-in grinder and tamper that can be adjusted for the perfect cup of joe. The digital display makes it easy for everyone to change it up to their preferences! Now twist on the perfectly tamped portafilter to the brew head and watch it create delicious espresso.

    For anyone looking to add a little dairy to their drink, frothing steamy milk has never been easier with the Oracle’s steam wand. Set the wand to auto and adjust the temperature and let it do all the work. Prefer to get a bit barista-y? You can also froth it yourself and control all the milk steaming parameters. After steaming, push the wand back into place and it’ll auto-purge the milk for you! Fresh hot chocolate, anyone? With this impressive technology, you’ll never have to question if the kids properly cleaned the machine again.

    The Ultimate Mom Machine: The DeLonghi PrimaDonna Exclusive ESAM6900.M Espresso Machine

    The DeLonghi PrimaDonna comes with two carafes for Mom's lattes and the kids' hot chocolate.

    The PrimaDonna will take center stage at your household once the kids discover Mom’s espresso machine can make hot chocolate! The PrimaDonna comes with a special carafe that whips chocolate mix with milk so all you have to do is fill up your kiddos’ cups. Put the carafe full of chocolate milk in the fridge and insert the second carafe for Mom’s latte. With one-touch technology, lattes are made right in the cup so Mom can kick her feet up as the PrimaDonna does all the work for once. When the bellies are full and the carafe’s empty, stick it straight into the dishwasher to breeze through clean up (now only if it did the laundry too).

  • Crew Review: Jura Impressa F8

    So you want to Impressa your friends. Ok, ok, we know a bad joke when we hear one. Today, we are here to talk all about the Jura Impressa F8, a superautomatic espresso machine ready for what ever you throw at it.

    The first thing we noticed when we turned on the Jura Impressa F8 was the color display. Selecting one of the 11 pre-programmed espresso drink options was easy to do with the rotary dial. You are even able to customize the four drinks featured on the homepage. Coffee literally at the touch of a button!Jura Impressa F8

    One common complaint about super-automatics is the strength of the shots they produce. The Jura Impressa F8 has a feature that helps remedy this problem. The variable brew chamber allows you to brew anywhere from 5 to 16 grams of coffee. So if you are looking for a strong cup of coffee, set that puppy to 16 and hang on tight!

    We also love the hot water option on this espresso machine. Something that you don't always find on a superautomatic espresso machine. Now you can start your day with an americano or maybe a spot of tea! The choice is yours :)

    Watch our full Crew Review video below to see all the features and watch Gail brew up a drink! And while you are at it, why not subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking here!

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