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latte art

  1. Latte Art 101

    Latte art is the sign of a truly skilled and experienced barista. To pour good latte art your barista has to start with the perfect...
  2. Video Roundup: 4/10/20

    Hey coffee fans! It's Friday, which means it's time for another video roundup here at SCG! Let's dig in: First up, we got a taste...
  3. Video Roundup: 3/27/20

    Hello out there! It's another week and another video roundup from us. As you might expect, we'll be making some creative changes to some of...
  4. Latte Art University

    Congratulations! On behalf of Seattle Coffee Gear and the faculty of the School Of Coffee Extraction, we are pleased to offer you admission to the...
  5. Ask Gail: Latte Art Using Milk Frothers?

    Every once in awhile we like to let our inner Picasso out to play. It's fine, we all do it and there is nothing to...
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