• Video Roundup: 1/8/2021

    Happy New Year!

    It's our first Video Roundup for 2021 and we have some very special content to share for it.

    First up, check out our Budget Grinder Shootout with me, Pat.

    You may have noticed our beautiful new studio space! We're so excited to bring you more videos in this new studio. Next up we have a Rancilio Silvia Pro vs. Breville Dual Boiler Crew Comparison with Allie:

    And finally, Ariel brewed up a delicious and exciting Flaming Spanish Coffee!

    And that's all for this week! We'll have more fresh new videos for you next week!

  • Behind the Scenes at SCG: Holiday 2020

    Hey coffee fans! We’ve all had quite the year here at Seattle Coffee Gear and we’re sure you have too. With the difficulties from COVID-19 we’ve almost all shifted to working from home, while instituting strict social distancing and cleaning guidelines for staff that has to be on site. We’re really proud of how the whole team pulled together here (figuratively speaking of course!), especially as we’ve dealt with the holiday rush!

    Holiday Content

    Our video team worked hard to create awesome video content all holiday long. As you may have guessed, we tried to film as much of it in single sessions as possible. We also made sure multiple hosts were never in the studio at the same time to make social distancing a little easier. 

    We’re so glad we were able to focus on delivering content that helped with buying decisions, because it was very hard to look at machines in person this year. We’re glad everyone enjoyed the tops 3s, shopping guides, gifting tips, and host favs. We also were excited to share Ariel and John’s tips and recipes, and hope they made you holiday just a bit brighter.

    Holiday Shopping Rush!

    Our shipping teams have been doing an outstanding job of responding to the huge holiday rush this year. They’re some of the real heroes of the company, and have been working with our shippers to get everything sent out. 

    Our Customer Service and Sales teams have been working hard to help everyone with their holiday shopping and getting their new machines set up. We’ve seen some of the highest volume of contacts ever this holiday, and we’re working our butts off to get back to everyone!

    Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

    We’ve really enjoyed the set of holiday roasts we’ve seen from across our roasting partners. Delicious, easy to work with coffee for a range of brew methods has helped to keep us going as we push through the holiday rush!

    We’re all eager to get back to the office and see each other, as well as provide more dynamic, exciting coffee content. We have big plans in the works across our teams for 2021, and we really hope you join us. 

    Most importantly, we’re thankful for you this year. Our customers are some of the best in the world, and we love bringing you our unique blend of content and retailing. We hope you have a wonderful, safe holiday this year, whether it’s already partway concluded, or hasn’t really started yet!

  • Holiday Video Roundup

    Hey coffee fans!

    It’s time for our biggest video roundup of the season! Since we have so much to cover we’ll be linking to the videos for usability.

    First up we have our big ol’ list of 2020 top threes:

    Next we have a trio of holiday drink recipes with Ariel:

    And finally, a couple of tips and tricks videos for the season with John:


    We hope you enjoy the video content and have a wonderful holidays!

  • Cyber Monday Deals Guide!

    It’s Cyber Monday 2020! That means we’ve got a whole load of great savings across the site. We wanted to highlight a few of the great deals you can get right now! Please note that these deals are available at the time of this posting, they may not be at the time that you’re reading. Be sure to check out our holiday deals page for up to date information on 2020 holiday savings!

    Semi-Automatic Espresso

    In the semi-auto department we have exclusive deals like the Solis Perfetta for just $429. You can also bundle a Eureka Mignon Notte and save more! The Crossland CC1 is also available at $150 off for just $549 for all of the hobbyist espresso drinkers out there. If all you need is a grinder, the Notte mentioned above is available standalone for $50 off as well!

    We’re also excited to bring you the Breville Dynamic Duo, a powerful pairing of a Breville Dual Boiler espresso machine and Smart Grinder Pro espresso grinder for $100 off! This already excellent deal is even sweeter this holiday season.

    If you’re a fan of La Marzocco, we also have the classic Linea Mini available for $300 off.

    Superautomatic Espresso

    In the superauto category we’ve got an exciting $100 off offer on the Philips Carina. This puts this machine at the low price of $399! It’s an incredible way to get started in the world of espresso for a fantastic price. 

    If you’re looking for a higher end superauto, Miele machines are a full $200 off right now. These extraordinary machines only get better with a holiday price point!

    Drip and Slow Brewing

    We’ve also got the entry-level Solis Scala grinder available for just $79, making it one of the best values for new brew coffee enthusiasts.

    Then there’s coffee! Right now you can grab a gift coffee subscription for a friend or family member, which will get them delicious hand picked roasts selected by our coffee experts!

    Plus, you can save sitewide with our holiday tiered discounts! Just used the following codes at checkout:

    • HOLIDAY10: Take $10 off orders $100 - $249
    • HOLIDAY25: Take $25 off orders $250 - $449
    • HOLIDAY50: Take $50 off orders $500+

    We’ve got more savings coming over the course of this week, so be sure to sign up for the Seattle Coffee Gear newsletter and watch our holiday deals page for more savings!


  • Holiday Staff Picks!

    Just in time for the holidays, we’ve got a brand new round of staff picks! If you’re not familiar with our staff picks, we periodically send a survey to every person at Seattle Coffee Gear asking them what their favorite items are in each category. We put those results together and mark each product that gets enough votes a staff pick badge on the site! Let’s run through some of these results.

    Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines

    In the semi-automatic category we saw big wins for Rocket Espresso, and a whopping eleven winners overall. Rocket Espresso’s Giottos, Appartamento, Appartamento Nera, both Mozzafiatos, and the R58 Cinquantotto all made our list. Also joining the staff picks is for the first time is the Solis Perfetta, which we’re thrilled to see as one of our newest machines. 

    Both Rancilio Silvias (PID and standard) made the list, and finally, the Bambino Pro, and Barista Pro from Breville made it on as well. 

    This list of semi-automatic espresso machines represents a wide spread of options and price points, which we’re really happy to see! 

    Superautomatic Espresso Machines

    On the superuato front we saw an excellent spread of options from Breville (Oracle Touch), Miele (CM 6350), Saeco (Xelsis), Jura (A1), and Philips. Philips saw two machines on the list with the Carina and 3200 LatteGo. We’ve seen most of these machines on the list before, and it makes sense again that they fall into a number of price points. With a little less differentiation in the superauto space, price is definitely a prevailing factor. Of note here is the Jura A1, which is the only machine on the list dedicated purely to espresso, with no milk steaming option. It’s a testament to the quality of the espresso that comes out of this machine that it made it on alongside the others!

    Espresso Grinder

    For espresso grinders we saw a big win for Eureka, with the Mignon Notte, Mignon Specilita, and the Atom 75 all making the list. Rocket Espresso’s Faustino also made the list, along with the Baratza Sette 270Wi. Here the Sette and Notte fit in as great starter options, with the midrange Faustino and Specilitas sitting between them and the higher end Atom 75.

    Coffee Grinders

    On the brew grinder front we’ve got both the Baratza Encore and Forte BG, two solid Baratza workhorses that we all know and love here. The Eureka Mignon Filtro and Crono also made the list with their stepless brew grinding, and for the first time we see the Fellow Ode and Solis Scala make the list. Finally, fitting into that “espresso or brew” gap, the Rancilio Rocky made its way to the list as usual!

    Drip Brewers

    For drip brewers, we saw winners with Technivorm, Ratio, Breville, and Bonavita. Both models of Technivorm’s KB741 made the list along with the Ratio Six, Bonavita Connoisseur, and Breville Precision Brewer Tribute Edition. Here again we see staff opinions coming in in favor of a range of pricing options, with the Bonavita as the most affordable all the way up to the high customizability of the Precision Brewer.

    Here’s a few more categories of winners for your perusal!


    Stovetop and Cold Brew

    Pour Over



  • Video Roundup: 10/23/20

    It's Friday once again!

    You know what that means, another video roundup!

    Today we've got a crew review and some tips and how-tos. Let's get started!

    First, it's a look at some Eureka grinder cleaning with Jake!

    Next up, we've got a Crew Review of the lovely little Toddy Artisan with Ariel:

    And finally, some Breville Bambino Tips and Tricks:

    That's all for this week, make some coffee you love this weekend, especially if you're in for some chilly weather!

  • Video Roundup: 10/16/20

    Hey coffee fans!

    We've got two crew reviews and some tips and tricks for you today, so let's dig in!

    First up We've got some Breville Oracle Touch tips and tricks with Jake!

    Next up, we've got a Crew Review with the Eureka Brew Pro's stylish smoked accessories.

    Last but not least, we've for a fresh Crew Review of the Rancilio Silvia for 2020!

    That's all for this week, stay tuned for more great videos!

  • Video Roundup: 10/9/2020

    Hello out there!

    It's time for another video roundup here at SCG. Let's jump in to this week's videos!

    First up we've got some tips and tricks for the Saeco Xelsis with Jake!

    Next up, we've got a Crew Comparison between the Oxo 8-Cup Coffee Maker and the Bonavita Connoisseur!

    Finally, we've got a Crew Comparison between the Eureka Atom Pro and the Eureka Atom 75!

    That's all for now! We'll be back with more next week.

  • Video Roundup: 10/2/20

    Hey coffee lovers,

    It’s time for another video roundup! We’ve got 3 delightful videos for you this week, so let’s get to it!

    First up, we’ve got Jake with a sneak peek of Baratza’s new Gear line of accessories!

    Next, it’s a Jake double feature with a Bodum Bistro Grinder Crew Review!

    And finally, we’ve got some tips on dialing in the SCG exclusive Eureka Mignon Notte with Ariel.

    That’s all for now! Check back soon for more videos!

  • Video Roundup: 9/25/20

    Happy Friday Coffee Lovers!

    We’ve got more fresh video content for this week, so let’s jump in!

    First up we’ve got a Crew Review of the DeLonghi Stilosa with Allie!

    Next up, it’s a Crew Comparison of the DeLonghi Dedica Deluxe and the Breville Bambino Pro with Jake.

    And last but not least, we’ve got a Crew Review of the new Silvia Rancilio Pro with John!

    That’s all for this week! We’ll have more videos coming soon!

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