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Boast Coffee - Guatemala Ayarza Wine Series Natural

Boast Coffee - Guatemala Ayarza Wine Series Natural
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  • Strawberry, Hazelnut, Berry Candy
  • Natural Process
  • Roasted Fresh in San Jose, CA

With complex, deep notes that shimmer between candy sweet and juicy and fruity, Guatemala Ayarza Wine Series Natural is a delicious release from Boast Coffee. There's so much here to enjoy, with that hazelnut smoothness serving as a unifying undertone for those alternating fruit notes. With a light, but not too light body that delivers these flavors perfectly, it's easy to recommend this coffee for pour over fans. While this is a natural, it doesn't overwhelm with berry notes, and should please those who don't normally go for this process. Best enjoyed as a pour over, try this one alongside Boast's other Guatemala Ayarza Wine Series roasts to understand how process has affected this delicious crop.

  • Manufacturer
    Boast Coffee
  • Product Weight (lbs.)
  • Coffee by Type
    Whole Bean
  • Roast Level
  • Specialty
    Single Origin
  • Superauto Recommended
  • Size
    12 oz
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