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Invented in 2005 by Alan Adler, the AeroPress is a coffee brewing device that Adler describes as an espresso strength concentration of coffee while others may say it's more like strong coffee. The device is made up of two cylinders, one with a rubber plunger that fits inside the larger cylinder that will create an airtight seal, similar to a syringe. As the user places fine-ground coffee in the bottom of the larger cylinder on top of a paper microfilter, hot water is then poured over the coffee and is steeped for 10 seconds before being pushed through the filter using air pressure from the second cylinder pushing against it.

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  • AeroPress Coffee Maker

    The AeroPress is an entirely new way to make coffee. A wide range of tasters from coffee professional and author Kenneth Davids to serious and not-so-serious coffee aficionados all praise the smooth, rich flavor. Other coffee makers drip hot water on a bed of grounds which over-extracts at the center and under-extracts at the edge. The AeroPress is micro-filtered for grit free coffee unlike French press style coffee makers. Learn More
  • AeroPress Filters - 350 count

    This 350-count package of AeroPress filters are the perfect fit for your AeroPress coffee maker. Made of paper, these filters will help you make amazing coffee each and every day! Learn More
  • Kaffeologie S Filter for AeroPress

    Kaffeologie S Filter for AeroPress is made of fine mesh stainless steel. It will provide a better tasting AeroPress experience because essential oils will pass through the S filter instead of being trapped in a paper filter. This reusable coffee filter will save money on disposable filters too. A winning combination! Learn More

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