Brewista Cold Pro 2 Commercial Brewing System


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  • – Makes 6 Gallons
  • – NSF Certified

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Create gallons upon gallons of liquid gold coffee overnight with the Brewista Cold Pro 2 Commercial Brewing System! Is this real magic, you ask? Certainly there is some magic involved in the brewing process, but for the most part it's just good product engineering.

After using the Cold Pro 2 once, you'll wonder how you ever survived without its high level of convenience – where coffee is brewed in the same container it's drained & dispensed from. The Cold Pro 2 System's patented lift-and-twist design allows users to lift the filter basket over internal supports for easy drainage of brewed coffee–effectively isolating your spent grounds from brewed coffee, with an integrated pouring spout at the ready. The Brewista Cold Pro 2 also sports an angled base for easy access to coffee, so that not a single ounce is wasted in the back corners of your container. Enjoy your cold brew recipe to its fullest with the intuitively designed Brewista Cold Pro 2 Commercial Brewing System.

Features and Functionality

  • Brew-through system - Prepare your coffee, drain your brew, and pour your first glass all within the same container.
  • Translucent encasement - Look through the container to see how much coffee is leftover at any time.
  • Tapered bottom - Designed for easy drainage so you don't miss out on a single drop!
  • 6 Gallon output - Put 10 gallons in, and take 6 gallons of concentrated goodness out.
  • NSF certified - This brewer has been through the ringer and is certified to handle all the pressure of a commercial cafe.
Height 18 inches
Width 16 inches
Depth 16 inches




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