Stuck in the Middle: 200-300 Drinks per Day

Who ever said that being stuck in the middle was a bad thing? These machines are here to show you that being in the middle is actually pretty sweet (kind of like how the best parts of a PB&J sandwich are in the middle, yes?).


The Rocket R9 makes no sacrifices when it comes to volume—clocking in at 250-300 drinks per day.



The Rancilio Classe 9 line has two machines that will work for your purposes.



The Nuova Simonelli Aurelia Line has four (yes, four!) machines that will meet your needs.



Never one to be left out of the mix, La Marzocco's lineup includes the Linea PB, which is perfect for the 250 to 300 drinks per day range. Features include:

  • Dual boilers for continuous brewing and steaming
  • A digital display to track shot time and boiler temperatures
  • A USB for easy firmware updates, helping you keep your machine up-to-date



Slayer Espresso 2 Group Commercial Machine: Combines the highest standards of espresso extraction with the power to pump out shots all day back to back. Extraction is almost twice as long with this machine, but it's worth the wait.

  • Dual stage extraction using, first, a heavily restricted flow rate for extreme pre-infusion and, second, and standard flow to finish the shot
  • Programmable auto-extraction for consistency and increased efficiency for the barista behind the bench
  • Hidden PID control board



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