Stuck in the Middle: 50-100 Drinks per Day

You're officially brewing up so much espresso that you need a commercial machine to keep up with the demand. But don't worry - the increased employee happiness will quickly make up for the initial investment!


The Appia Compact Volumetric is small and extremely easy to use, so it's great for an office where not everyone using it will be a barista. Features include:

  • Heat exchanger for steaming and brewing at the same time
  • Soft infusion for the perfect espresso
  • Programming of volume, so you can start the extraction and it will stop when the shot is complete
  • A cup warmer, to help keep your beverages toasty



Who doesn't love a superautomatic? The Nuova Simonelli Prontobar can keep up with the demand using the following features:

  • Two grinders for two different roasts
  • Bypass doser for late-afternoon decaf lattes
  • A steam wand that allows you to froth your milk to perfection



High Roller: More Than 100 Drinks per Day

My, oh my - your employees love their caffeine. So who are you to disappoint? The answer: You won't with one of these machines gracing the break room with its presence!


The Rancilio Classe 7 USB Volumetric Espresso Machine takes away the guesswork and leaves you with delicious espresso! The touch of a button will brew the programmed water quantity so your employees don't need to be fully trained baristas.

  • As a commercial espresso machine, the Classe 7 will easily stand up to your office needs
  • Programmable water quantities make for faster brewing and less mess
  • Note: The Classe 7 must be paired with a quality grinder



Secure top talent in your company with the Nuova Simonelli Talento!

  • Choose from a steam wand or one-touch functionality
  • As a superautomatic, little to no training is required
  • Takes up little space, measuring just 16 inches wide



Is your motto "Only the best for the best?" If so, the Racilio Egro ONE is the machine you're looking for to keep your team at the top of their game!

  • Two bean hoppers make this machine a brewing powerhouse
  • The touch screen makes programming and brewing a breeze
  • iSteam functionality froths milk to the perfect consistency



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