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Caramel - Monin Natural Sugar Free Syrups

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A hint of caramel makes coffee and espresso drinks taste like a dream. But should you desire a caramel taste of the sugar-free variety, you'll want to snag a bottle of this Monin Natural Sugar Free Caramel Syrup. This Monin flavor is ideal for low-calorie and diabetic lifestyles, and like all other Monin Natural Sugar Free Syrups, the caramel kind offers superb gourmet flavor and traditional syrup texture sans all the stuff you don't want: sugar, fat, calories and aftertaste.

Just like Monin Caramel, Natural Sugar Free Caramel is used as a main flavor, but is also combined harmoniously with other flavors. With the versatile Monin Natural Sugar Free Caramel, the drink options are endless!

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