Philips Carina 1200 Superautomatic

VS. Saeco Via Venezia

Philips Innovation VS. A Saeco Classic

The Via Venezia is a venerated machine that was many coffee enthusiasts’ first. We love the Via Venezia, but as those machines become harder to maintain and keep running, we think the convenience and simplicity of the Philips Carina is a fantastic upgrade.

Superautomatic Convenience, Philips Quality

The Via Venezia is an older semi-automatic machine, meaning it requires you to dose, grind, and tamp your espresso, then clean out a portafilter after brewing. Semi-automatic machines are a wonderful way to brew espresso. There used to be a wide gap between what a semi-auto and a superauto can produce, but that gap is narrowing. With easy to use brewing options, an integrated grinder, and simple, reliable AquaClean filtration, it’s time for something new and different in the Philips Carina 1200.

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Philips Carina vs Saeco Via Venezia Comparison Chart

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