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Eureka Atom Pro Espresso Grinder - Open Box

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Special Price $1,231.97 Regular Price $1,599


Swift, silent and specialized; the Open Box Eureka Atom Pro brings quality grinds to your counter. The Atom Pro's inside-out redesign promises ultra-consistent single-dose grinding for both espresso and pour over brew methods. Key to this unimodal focus are Eureka's new long-cut 75mm burrs, which aim to minimize fines across brew methods. An outsized, fan-equipped motor offers the needed torque to get the burrs moving, and can grind a shot or pour over in seconds flat. Rounding out the design is a grind path built just for the bellows-set blow-up hopper to clear out excess grinds. Wrapped in soft-black with accent cutouts and fun features like magnetic portafilter/basket holders, the Open Box Atom Pro is an enthusiasts dream grinder.

  • Specialty Burrs: Custom-cut 75mm steel burrs set the Atom Pro for a high-consistency single grind size.
  • High Torque Motor: A more powerful 920 w motor makes short work of espresso or brew grinds.
  • Cooling Fan: A built-in cooling fan helps keep grind temps lower over multiple grinds.
  • Manual Dosing: No timed dosing here! The Atom Pro features a single on/off switch to control grinding.
  • Blow-Up Hopper: A 1.1 pound (or half kilo) blow up hopper helps the Atom Pro single dose with less retention.
  • Magnetic Hooks: The Atom Pro features two magnet-equipped mounts for v60s/portafilters or brew baskets.
    • Pros
      • Designed for Single Dosing: Manual controls, custom-cut burrs, and a blow-up hopper make the Atom Pro better-suited for single dosing than the Atom 75.
      • Grind Consistency: The Atom Pro offers very fast, very consistent results across grind settings.
      • Dual Use: The Atom Pro can be used for most any brew method with very few compromises in quality.
    • Cons
      • Designed for Single Dosing: The unique burrs and outsized motor for single dosing mean a few tradeoffs; most noticeable is heat buildup—even with the cooling fan—when grinding in higher volume.
  • Manufacturer
  • Width
    7.2 inches
  • Depth
    10.5 inches
  • Height
    18 inches
  • Product Weight (lbs.)
  • Watts
  • Volts
  • Case Material
  • Bean Hopper Capacity
    1.1 pound
  • Dosing Options
    No Progamming - All Manual
  • Adjustment Configuration
    Stepless - Single Revolution
  • Grinder Style
    Burr - Flat Steel
  • Burr Diameter
  • Material
  • Recommended For
    Coffee Press, Espresso, Fine Drip / Pour Over, Drip Coffee

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  • Home Use: 1 year parts and labor
  • Commercial Use: 1 year parts and labor

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