French Presses

Simple Coffee at Home

French presses, also commonly called coffee presses or cafetiere, are one of the oldest and simplest forms of coffee maker. They’re also portable and generate virtually no waste, which makes them a great, eco-friendly option for families and individuals trying to downsize. Read on to learn more about the joyous simplicity of French press coffee creation.

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Richer Coffee; Less Waste

Prepping a French press is an exercise in simplicity. Add coarsely ground beans and 200° water, steep for 4 minutes, and press! Classic French presses generally sport glass bodies and metal mesh filters—while modern updates add niceties like finer filters, insulation, and silicone seals to slow over-extraction. A good French press can also be used for overnight cold brew, or tea. Making French press coffee isn’t rocket science, but it is a culinary art that can be helped greatly by a little diligence and a well-made coffee press. At Seattle Coffee Gear, we’ve stocked our inventory with high-quality French presses from some of the industry’s top brands to help you make the best cup of French press coffee possible.


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