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From Italian coffee roasters like Lavazza and illy, to local coffee roasters like Velton's and Zoka, we stock only the finest and freshest coffee beans the world has to offer! Fresh roasted shipments arrive weekly and local blends are roasted to order. Taste the true flavor the roaster intended with fresh coffee beans.

And if coffee is not your cup of tea, we have you covered! Fine luxury blended teas from Dammann Freres and Rishi Tea will tempt your taste buds. These are available as loose tea or in tea sachets. A delicious rainbow of Monin syrups will add flavor and sweetness to any tea or coffee preparation. New flavors are added seasonally. Find fun ideas in our Recipes section!

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  • Caffe Ladro - Ladro Espresso - 12 ounces

    5 Reviews(s)
    Try a sip of Seattle, embodied in Caffe Ladro's signature espresso blend. Ladro Espresso is a little spot of sunshine on a stormy day. By itself it is creamy and sweet with mild chocolate flavor. In a milk-based drink it adds layers of flavor without the addition of sweetener or syrups. It makes a balanced espresso or a full-bodied drip coffee. Learn More
  • Caffe Ladro - Fremont Blend - 12 ounces

    1 Reviews(s)
    The Fremont Blend from Caffe Ladro is as unique and interesting as it's Seattle neighborhood namesake. Fremont Blend has a delicate flavor which at first pass you might dismiss as too mild-bodied but there are some hidden flavors to discern given the chance. The roast notes identify 'Baked Pear, Rooibos and Almond' flavors in a coffee that is Organic Certified and Fair Trade from Central America. Learn More
  • Caffe Ladro - Queen Anne Blend - 12 ounces

    If you are not lucky enough to live across the street from a Caffe Ladro, treat yourself to some at home. The Queen Anne blend is a Caffe Ladro barista favorite blend. It is complex and more than a little highbrow, just like the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle. The roaster notes declare 'Milk Chocolate, Fig and Hazelnut' flavors. Learn More
  • Caffe Ladro - Diablo Blend - 12 ounces

    7 Reviews(s)
    Diablo Blend by local favorite Caffe Ladro may sound scary and intimidating, the "Devil" Blend, but if you like it big and bold then this is your new brew. If you are transitioning from large commercial coffee conglomerates who notoriously burn their beans then this carefully prepared Dark Roast is a great selection. Learn More
  • Caffe Ladro - Fireside - 12 ounces

    Fireside Blend from Caffe Ladro appears once a year to ring in holiday cheer. May your days be a little merrier and a little brighter with a comforting cup of delicious fresh roasted coffee in your hands. Tasting notes describe hints of molasses, allspice and roasted chestnut. Dark roasted Central and South American coffees make up this rich blend. It's not too dark though. This is a crowd-pleaser that you can serve all day to family and friends. Learn More

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